‘158km’ Jung Woo-young finally caught on ML radar… “Good fast ball movement”

Lee Jeong-hoo (25, Kiwoom) and Kang Baek-ho (24, KT) are not alone. ‘High-speed sidearm’ Jung Woo-young (24, LG), who was selected for the first team national team for the first time in his life, is attracting attention from the American baseball world.

On the 20th (Korean time), Fan Graph, an American baseball statistics site, ranked the international prospects for 2023. This roster is made up of non-US nationals who have not yet reached the major leagues or who have little experience.

While most of the players are participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in March this year, Lee Jeong-hoo, Kang Baek-ho, Ko Woo-seok (25, LG), and Lee Eui-ri (21, KIA) from Korea were included. And in the recent update, Jung Woo-young’s name was also included.

Jung Woo-young, who is about to start his 5th season after his debut in 2019, has now become the league’s leading relief pitcher. Starting with 16 holds in his debut season, in 2021 he recorded 27 holds to finish second. He won 35 holds last year and finally became the title holder. His earned run average rose from 2.22 to 2.64, but it was good enough.

In the midst of this activity, Jung Woo-young became the first to run with the Taegeuk mark. Although the game was somewhat shaken in the recent NC, KIA and evaluation matches, it is still hopeful.

In a scouting report, Fangraph explained, “Jung Woo-young has a fastball with a maximum speed of 98 miles per hour (about 157.7 km) and an average of 93 to 94 miles (about 149.7 to 151.2 km) coming out of the sidearm slot, which moves well and sinks.” It focused on his two-seam fastball, his main weapon. 온라인바카라

According to the baseball statistics site Statties, Jung Woo-young threw 92.1% of all pitches last year with two-seam fastballs. Even so, his batting average was only 0.225. It really became a ‘ball you can’t hit without knowing it’.

Of course, there are also downsides. “He has trouble throwing a variety of breaking pitches, and needs to be equipped with a big-league level of secondary pitches, such as a changeup,” notes Fan Graph. Still, the media evaluated, “Jung Woo-young is a young sidearm prospect.”

Jung Woo-young can try to advance overseas through the posting system if he plays three more seasons by 2025, and through a free agent (FA) if he plays one more season here. He has the major league level of restraint due to the rarity of being a side pitcher, and there is also a precedent with Im Chang-yong (47) in the past, so he can knock on the big league stage.

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