‘4 consecutive wins after 5 consecutive losses’ Samsung Life Insurance beat Shinhan Bank of the storm and took second place alone

Samsung Life Insurance defeated Shinhan Bank, which was on a four-game winning streak.

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance met Incheon Shinhan Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 12th and won 86-73. With the win, they snapped a 4-game winning streak. The ranking was ranked 2nd alone.

The first contributor to victory was Bae Hye-yoon. Following her last game, she led the team’s upward trend by playing a big role in today’s game as well. She recorded 26 points and 9 rebounds in 24 minutes of play. Jo Soo-ah also recorded 13 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. In particular, he helped the team win by driving 7 points in the 3rd quarter. Lee Myung-gwan also played his part with 14 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

1st Quarter, Samsung Life Insurance 26-20 Shinhan Bank: Lee Myeong-kwan and Bae Hye-yoon, who jointly scored 20 points,
fought fiercely from the beginning of the game. Shinhan Bank centered on Sonia Kim, and Samsung Life Insurance centered on Bae Hye-yoon and Lee Hae-ran.

The team that caught the flow first was Samsung Life Insurance. Sonia Kim reported the first goal of the game. After scoring, he got a free throw, but it failed. Afterwards, he lost consecutive runs to Lee Hae-ran, but turned it around with Kim Jin-young’s basket count. And Sonia Kim and Taeyeon Kim’s consecutive scores made it 13-9.

However, Samsung Life also quickly counterattacked. Starting with Jo Soo-ah’s goal, Lee Myung-gwan scored consecutively. In addition, Bae Hye-yoon also worked hard under the goal. As a result, 10-2 runs were successful. The score gap widened in an instant. Lee Kyeong-eun conceded a point, but Lee Myung-gwan’s free throw scored to make it 23-17. Han Chae-jin allowed a 3-point shot. However, Lee Myung-gwan added a 3-point shot and made a 6-point gap.

Second quarter, Samsung Life Insurance 46-33 Shinhan Bank: Samsung Life Insurance
‘s two teams succeeded in 13-3 runs, and the close match continued. Samsung Life started the second quarter with Bae Hye-yoon scoring. However, Shinhan Bank also responded with a mid-range jumper from Gooseul. Then again, Samsung Life added Jo Soo-ah’s 3-point shot, and Shinhan Bank also added Lee Hye-mi’s mid-range jumper. The difference between the two teams was maintained.

The team that broke the trend was Samsung Life Insurance. Byeon So-jeong conceded a point, but Lee Hae-ran scored a 3-point shot. In addition, Bae Hye-yoon added scoring under the net and a mid-range jumper. Even though Sonia Kim allowed a 3-point shot, she was able to widen the score gap. It was 40-30 with 3 minutes and 4 seconds before the end of the quarter.

Even after that, the atmosphere of Samsung Life continued. Lee Myeong-gwan and Jo Soo-ah scored free throws. Bae Hye-yoon added a transition score and scored 10 points in the second quarter alone. As a result, he succeeded in 13-3 runs. 7 seconds before the end of the quarter, Kang Yurim’s cut-in score made the difference 13 points. 온라인카지노

3rd Quarter, Samsung Life 69-50 Shinhan Bank: It was shaken at the beginning of the quarter, but Samsung Life Insurance widened the score gap and
Samsung Life started the 3rd quarter with Bae Hye-yoon’s free throw. After that, Yoo-Rim Kang made a successful 3-point shot followed by a free throw, making it 51-33. But a mistake got in the way. He struggled under the pressure of the opponent, made a series of mistakes, and gave over the atmosphere. Apply for operation time. In the first attack, Bae Hye-yoon scored. He allowed Han Chae-jin to score a cut, but responded with Bae Hye-yoon’s basket count. It was 56-41.

After that, Bae Hye-yoon fell out. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of Samsung Life continued. Strong defense was the basis. I tried to block the opponent’s attack until the end. As a result, only 6 points were allowed in the last 5 minutes of the quarter. The transition score made it 60-46, and then added a 3-point shot to further widen the score gap. There, the players scored evenly. Shin Dew’s goal 2 minutes and 5 seconds before the end of the quarter made it 69-48. All four shots attempted after Barok missed, but allowed only two points to the opponent.

4th Quarter, Samsung Life 86-73 Shinhan Bank: Shinhan Bank pursued to the end, but…
Shinhan Bank players did not give up even though the score difference was 19 points. Starting with Kim Jin-young’s goal, Sonia Kim and Gooseul scored. The opponent allowed outside shots, but Kim Jin-young narrowed the score by scoring consecutively.

In addition, even the scores of other players came out. However, he committed a foul on Shin Iseul during the 3-point shot process, and Shin Iseul succeeded in all of them. It was 66-80. Director Gu did not give up. Sonia Kim was put in and the chase continued. 1 minute and 44 seconds before the end of the game, they followed up to 11 points. However, the score difference was too great and time was not enough.

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