‘4-year-old daughter, 2-year-old son’ foot print tattoo that awakens father… “It’s my own talisman.”

“It’s my own talisman to focus on when it’s hard.”

Doosan Bears sidearm Park Chi-guk (25) got a tattoo on the inside of his left arm ahead of this Australian spring camp. Two of his baby foot prints catch his eye. His left foot belongs to his first daughter, born in 2020, and the right foot belongs to his second son, born in 2022. The names of his daughter, son, and wife were inscribed beneath his foot stamp. He wants to be with his family every time he throws a ball on the mound.

Park Chi-guk said, “I’ve always wanted to leave a symbol when I have a child. I got a tattoo before coming to camp, and I’ve also ordered gloves with the same foot prints of my daughter and son. I’ll receive it when production is complete and will continue to use it.”토토사이트

Park Chi-guk is a promising player who joined in the first round of the 2017 rookie draft and took 17 holds in 2018 and 14 holds in 2019, and has been active as the main axis of Pil Seung-jo from early on. However, from the 2020 season, his elbow pain started to get worse, and in July 2021, he had to endure a long rehabilitation while getting on the operating table. He returned to the mound in mid-June of last year, but after only 15 appearances, he had a harder time while rehabilitating again.

His family is the one who gave Park Chi-guk the strength to persevere through difficult times. Park Chi-guk held a slightly late wedding ceremony with his wife, whom he had been dating since 2017, in December of last year, saying, “When my grades were good, I was happy to have my wife by my side, and when I was not, I endured because my wife was by my side. I want to be a wonderful husband for the rest of my life, I will do my best to show a good image as the head of the household.”

The father engraved the footprints of his daughter and son in order not to forget the promise made last December. He said, “It is my own talisman to focus on when it is difficult. It also means to leave the first footprints of children. I want to cheer up while watching baseball when it is not going well or when it is difficult.”

He added, “If it’s on the body, it’s covered by the clothes. I wanted to leave it where it can be seen. If I engrave it on my arm and glove, I’ll be able to see it and gain strength during the game.”

Park Chi-guk jumped into the Pil Seung-jo competition with the determination that he no longer had a natural position. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop also picked Park Chi-guk as a player he wants to watch in this camp. Park Chi-guk threw 26 pitches in his first bullpen pitching on the 1st and checked his sense of practice. I still have to balance more, but Yang Eui-ji (36), the master of the house who worked together, smiled and said, “(Park) Chi-guk has gotten better.”

Park Chi-guk regrets the time away from his daughter, whom he used to play with. He said, “Even though it’s a bit difficult after camp training, I gain more strength when I video call with my family. I am comforting my longing by making video calls often.” lost.

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