4th seed Garcia was also eliminated… Australian Open women’s singles quarterfinals confirmed

The Australian Open tennis tournament (total prize money 76.5 million Australian dollars, about 66.26 billion won) women’s singles quarterfinals have been confirmed.

Karolyn Garcia (4th place, France), who was seeded 4th, lost 0-2 (6-7<3-7>) to Magda Linenette (45th place, Poland) in the 4th round of women’s singles on the 8th day of the tournament held in Melbourne, Australia on the 23rd. 4-6).

As a result, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th seeds of this tournament are all unable to advance to the quarterfinals.

No. 1 seed Iga Sibiontech (1st place, Poland) was eliminated in the round of 16 the previous day, and No. 2 seed Ounce Jaber (2nd place, Tunisia) packed up in the third round.

Among the players who reached the quarterfinals, Jessica Fegula (3rd, USA), whose mother is of Korean descent, has the highest world ranking.

The women’s singles quarterfinal matchup of this tournament was Yelena Ostapenko (17th, Latvia) – Elena Rivakina (25th, Kazakhstan), Pegula – Victoria Azaranka (24th, Belarus), Karolina Pliskova (31st, Czech Republic) – Lynette, Arina Savalenka (5th place, Belarus) – Donna Vekic (64th place, Croatia).

Among the quarterfinalists, there are three players who have won major tournaments: Ostapenko, Rivakina, and Azaranka.

Ostapenko won the French Open in 2017, Rivakina reached the top at Wimbledon last year, and Azaranka is the 2012 and 2013 Australian Open champion. 메이저사이트

Lynette overturned a game score of 3-5 in the first set and won a come-from-behind victory.

Lynette, who reached the quarterfinals of a major tournament for the first time in her life, appeared at the Hana Bank Korea Open on the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) Tour held in Seoul last September and lost 0-2 to Emma Radu Kanu (77th, England) in the quarterfinals. -6 2-6) This is the player who lost.

Noh Ho-yeong (17, Osan GS) and Choi On-yu (17, CJ Cheiljedang), who competed in the junior singles, were eliminated in the second round.

Noh Ho-young, ranked 48th in the male junior world ranking, lost to Cooper Williams (Junior, 18th, USA) 0-2 (4-6, 3-6), and Choi On-yu, ranked 91st in female junior, lost to Sayaka Ishii (Junior, 22nd, Japan) as well. They lost 0-2 (0-6 1-6).

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