A record challenge that could not even be idealized… “We must continue the Kim Min-seon era.”

Speed ​​skater Kim Min-seon has emerged as a new ice queen and opened her own era. He challenges a record that was not even idealized.

This is reporter Ha Seong-ryong.

Kim Min-sun, who has not been able to stand out in the meantime, has swept gold medals in four consecutive 500m World Cup events this season, and realizes her changed status.

[Kim Min-seon/Speed ​​Skating National Representative: I seem to pay close attention to what kind of training I do and how many seconds I ride, and I don’t think those eyes are bad.] The

World Cup, the Four Continents Championships, and the Winter Universiade, went out. If you do, you win.

[Kim Min-seon/Speed ​​Skating National Team: I think I know why athletes who used to ride well want to ride better… .]

Kim Min-sun will compete in the 5th and final 6th World Cup held in Poland for two consecutive weeks starting this weekend and challenge for consecutive championships. 메이저놀이터

If you win both competitions, you will write the first record of gold medals in all competitions in a single season World Cup, which even ‘legends’ such as ‘role model’ Lee Sang-hwa and Germany’s Jeni Wolf did not achieve.

[Kim Min-seon/Speed ​​Skating National Representative: I am thrilled and nervous to challenge something, but I think I will be very happy if I achieve it.]

I am determined to run higher and farther with the mindset of starting now . .

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