“A thing is a thing” How much is it… When I asked the catcher who had received the ball as a ‘special rookie’

Interest in Kim Seo-hyeon (19), a “special rookie” of the Hanwha Eagles, ahead of her debut in the 2023 KBO League, is growing day by day. 메이저사이트

Hanwha pitchers who spent their spring camp schedule in Arizona, USA, digested the bullpen pitching and live pitching schedule according to the set schedule. From the 20th, he is focusing on raising his senses in practice through three practice matches with the Dutch national team in Scottsdale, near Camp Mesa.

On the first day of the match against the Netherlands, Moon Dong-ju (20), the “monster,” recorded the highest fastball speed of 156km, demonstrating the greatness of the Hanwha mound that will be different this season. However, Seohyun Kim did not go to the mound in the second practice match against the Netherlands at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale on the 22nd (Korean time). Head coach Carlos Subero planned to send Kim Seo-hyun to the last practice game against the Netherlands on the 23rd to check his pitch, but as the match was canceled due to rain and strong winds, Seo-hyun Kim’s chance to start in practice is expected to be in Okinawa, Japan, the site of the second spring camp. .

Kim Seo-hyun returned to team training after a period of self-reflection after the SNS controversy. From the first day of his return to training, he improved his pitching form by spraying balls from the bullpen. Hanwha officials who watched Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching of catch balls and bullpens at the field admired that “things are things.” Kim Seo-hyun also recorded a maximum speed of 151km in the bullpen.

Catcher Park Sang-eon, who received the ball directly from Kim Seo-hyun, said, “It’s a completely different style from Moon Dong-ju.” He explained, “I haven’t perfected it yet, but (when I receive the ball) I definitely get the feeling that it’s good to have it.”

Hanwha has another lumber in hand after Moon Dong-ju. But it’s a calm atmosphere. General Manager Son Hyuk draws a line, saying, “Because he is an incomplete pitcher who has just passed the high school level, he needs steady growth.” Pitching coach José Rosa and his pitching coach were also cautious, saying, “He must have good qualities, but he is still a young player.” Park Sang-eon also said, “Captain, after hearing the coach’s words and receiving the ball, I think I understand to some extent why he said that.”

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