Ahn Se-young beats the world No. 1 and wins the first championship of the year

Ahn Se-young, a leading Korean women’s badminton player, delivered a pleasant victory on New Year’s Day. It was her first win of the new year, beating her rival and world number one Yamaguchi of Japan.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min.

Ahn Se-young, who lost to Yamaguchi in the finals of the Malaysian competition last week and finished runner-up, succeeded in a refreshing revenge in a week.

She faced Yamaguchi again in the final of the India Open, Ahn Se-young dropped her first set but she did not waver.

In the 2nd set, she was able to turn the game around by inducing Yamaguchi’s error with tenacious defense in a 12-12 tie, and finished the set with sensational net play to turn the game around.

Ahn Se-young, who gained her momentum, landed more powerful smashes in her final three sets, and Yamaguchi, who looked exhausted, collapsed as she repeated her mistakes.

The moment her victory was confirmed, Ahn Se-young lay on her court, breathing heavily and enjoying the thrill of her victory. 메이저사이트

Ahn Se-young, who picked up her first win of the year on Lunar New Year’s Day, smiled broadly as she hung her gold medal around her neck at the awards ceremony.

Ahn Se-young defeated world No. 5 He Bingjiao in the semifinals, followed by world No. 1 Yamaguchi, who was recently inferior to her opponent with 4 consecutive losses, raising expectations for her gold medal at this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games.

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