Although they won, Jeonbuk felt uneasy and was ‘uneasy’ due to their lack of performance.

 It is still difficult to feel reassured. Jeonbuk Hyundai is expected to spend the last part of the season anxiously as its performance does not pick up.레고토토

Jeonbuk achieved a 1-0 win in the 31st round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Gwangju FC held at Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 24th.

Jeonbuk, which had performed poorly in the previous 5 games with 3 draws and 2 losses, earned 3 points in the away game and rose to 5th place with 46 points. They have the same points as 4th place FC Seoul, and are 2 points and 1 point ahead of 6th place Daegu FC (45 points) and 7th place Incheon United (44 points), respectively. With two games left in the regular round, the green light was given to enter Final A.

Although they won, it was a game that left Jeonbuk with an uncomfortable feeling. Jeonbuk is undefeated (5 wins, 5 draws) in the last 10 games and played defensively against Gwangju, which is in 3rd place. It should be seen that they built three backs, in fact five backs, and focused on defense. Just looking at ball possession, they were far behind, 31 to 69. Jeonbuk possessed the ball for only 15 minutes and 53 seconds. In terms of number of shots, Gwangju attempted three times more shots (5 to 15).

Jeonbuk’s winning goal scored by Ahn Hyun-beom in the 27th minute of the second half was in fact an own goal. In fact, it was initially recorded as Doo Hyun-seok’s own goal, but it was corrected to Ahn Hyun-beom’s goal. While Jeonbuk was lucky to score, Gwangju’s shots hit the goal post or shook the side net. This should be seen as a lucky win for Jeonbuk.

If the performance does not improve to this level, Jeonbuk will have to face a crisis in uncertainty in every game. The content of the game in the Asian Football Confederation Champions League against Kitchie SC held midweek was also unstable. There was no refreshing offensive development to achieve a 2-1 win against Kitchie, who was a few numbers lower in power.

Jeonbuk coach Dan Petrescu said, “It is a precious victory. Gwangju took possession, but our defense was also good. We came together as a team. “It’s good to get out of a draw,” he said. “In a game like the final, the process and content are important, but the result is the most important. From Jeonbuk’s perspective, it’s all finals. He emphasized that “it is important to win against Gwangju, who had a good performance recently,” but as we have not been able to obtain all the details and results of recent games, it is difficult to be convincing.

Right now, Jeonbuk has to play against Daegu and Seoul in rounds 32 and 33 of the regular round. Since both teams are in Final A, it is difficult to guarantee that Jeonbuk will win. If recent performance is anything to go by, it looks like the game will continue on thin ice.

It is true that there is a power leak. Five players have been selected for the Asian Games, and injuries are increasing one after another. However, Jeonbuk is a team that has a squad that can overcome this situation. It is difficult to be satisfied with the current performance.

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