An empty starting spot, the little prince made up his mind “Park Jong-hoon”

I decided on Park Jong-hoon.”

SSG Landers had an empty spot in their starting rotation this week. The starting pitcher for the Incheon Hanwha Eagles match on the 29th is a position that has not been confirmed for various reasons. Recently, Lee Kun-wook and Lee Row-un prepared for the start, but the plan was revised due to the cancellation of the rain, but as Kirk McCarty recovered from his injury, he had to decide on a spot against Hanwha.

Coach Won-hyung Kim had a lot of worries before the start of the second half. There were strong candidates. I am Park Jong-hoon, a submarine pitcher. Park Jong-hoon joined the starting rotation ‘of course’ this season, but the results in the first half were not very good. After going through ups and downs, he even went down to the 2nd division. After returning to the first team at the end of June, he saved hope by pitching 5 innings and 1 run against the LG Twins, but collapsed with 2⅔ innings and 5 runs against the KIA Tigers on July 5th. In the end, the very next day, I went back to the 2nd group and had a readjustment period.

Park Jong-hoon, who returned in the second half of last year after elbow surgery, has yet to show the results of his prime. He recorded an average ERA of 6.00 with 3 wins and 5 losses in 11 games in the second half of last year, and this season, he has a lot of runs with an ERA of 6.31 with 1 win and 3 losses. In particular, this year, there is a constant concern about walks due to the game hunting.

Director Kim Won-hyung, who knows Park Jong-hoon well, feels sorry for him more than anyone else. Coach Kim said, “He is a player who does what he has to do. He works so hard when it comes to attitude and exercise. That’s why it’s even more regrettable.” I hope you have the heart to show it to others. You have to play the baseball you want to play.”메이저사이트

He was a pitcher who was particularly strong against Hanwha, but considering the recent momentum of Hanwha’s batting line and Park Jong-hoon’s current condition, there is no ‘unconditional’. However, the manager, coaching staff, and teammates are eagerly hoping that Park Jong-hun will have a chance to rebound with this appearance.

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