Arsenal fans are mad at Gary Neville… “Please open that mouth”

Fans of Arsenal in England’s English Premier League (EPL) are confronting football critic Gary Neville. While some fans are even carrying out a ‘half joke, half lamentation’ petition campaign on online social media to “stop Neville from evaluating Arsenal,” Neville provoked fans by saying that he would join the petition.

Neville is a famous soccer commentator who works mainly for Sky Sports, a British broadcasting station. During his playing days, he played as a right-back for Manchester United and also played for the England national team. He played 400 matches for Manchester United and 80 matches for A matches.

카지노 He has recently continued to speak out against Arsenal. He even put forward a prospect that “winning the league will be difficult” for Arsenal, which is currently at the top of the Premier League rankings.

He pointed to Manchester City as the winning team this season. On the other hand, he insisted that his ‘parent’ United would finish second. Currently, Manchester City are 2nd in the league and Manchester United are 4th.

Even after Arsenal defeated Man United 3-2 in the 21st round of the Premier League on the 22nd local time, Neville’s poor evaluation continued. “At some point this season, Arsenal will start losing a game or two,” he said, raising his voice.

As these remarks continued, an Arsenal fan account on Twitter posted a tweet saying, “If you want to stop Neville from commenting on Arsenal matches, please click ‘Like’ here.” The tweet quickly received over 18,000 likes.

Neville retweeted this tweet on the 23rd and posted, “I will sign it too.” He also claimed, “I think I was fair yesterday.” Added a man emoji with his hands up and a smiling face emoji with tears in his eyes. He responded with a playful provocation to Arsenal fans who were expressing their antipathy towards him.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss this season, and are in first place in the league with 50 points. 2nd place Man City are now close behind Arsenal with a 5-point lead, having played one more game than Arsenal.

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