‘Attack on Titan’ Kim Shin-wook, becoming a free agent ‘Promoting a return to the K-League’

A ‘big fish’ appears in the K-League winter transfer market that was being finalized. ‘Attack on Titan’ Kim Shin-wook (35, Lion City) is pushing for a return to Korea.

An official familiar with the K-League transfer market told Sports Chosun, “Kim Shin-wook is negotiating to terminate his contract with the Lion City Sailors in Singapore. It is almost at the final stage. Kim Shin-wook, who will become a free agent, plans to return to Korea.”

Shinwook Kim, who suddenly broke up with Shenhwa in Shanghai, China in 2021, pondered whether to return to Korea or stay abroad, and joined Lion City, where coach Dohoon Kim took over. Although Singapore was a periphery in Asia, it opened its heart to Lion City, which is actively investing with a clear vision. Kim Shin-wook continued to play an active role in Singapore as well. It was the main gun of Lion City. He scored 21 goals in 26 matches. He was ranked fourth in scoring.

Kim Shin-wook, who was preparing to finish his career as a player, wanted a new challenge. Thoughts about his return to the country grew. Just in time, he showed interest from several K-League clubs. He decided that this was his last chance. Lion City, who wanted to accompany them, also decided to respect Kim Shin-wook’s wishes. Kim Shin-wook, who was already a post-Singapore level player in all aspects, including contracts and skills, could no longer be caught. Both sides are in the final stages of termination negotiations.

With the advent of Kim Shin-wook, the K-League transfer market is expected to fluctuate. Kim Shin-wook is undoubtedly the best ‘target striker’. Standing tall at 1m96, Kim Shin-wook is a striker who boasts strength and height, as well as high-level footwork. He completed verification by going through Ulsan, Jeonbuk, and Shanghai Seonhwa. He won the league MVP in 2013 and the top scorer in 2015. He recorded 132 goals-31 assists in 350 K-League career games. He also went through the 2011 Asian Cup in Qatar, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He scored 16 goals in 56 A matches. After advancing overseas in 2019, his ability is still recognized, to the extent that his name is mentioned whenever the K-League transfer market opens.

At the news that Kim Shin-wook is coming to the market, 3 to 4 clubs, especially those in the metropolitan area, are already showing interest. Although he is a bit older, he can still play at the top level for 1-2 years, and above all, he is an attractive recruitment target because there are not many players like Kim Shin-wook in the league. As Kim Shin-wook’s height and strength are still powerful, his use as a joker is also high. All the teams that want Kim Shin-wook are looking for a target striker. As soon as Kim Shin-wook becomes a free agent, he plans to pursue a full-fledged K-League. 먹튀검증

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