‘Beyond Kang Ho Italy’ Kim Eun-joong’s training that reminds you of practice

South Korea’s U20 national soccer team, which aims to advance to the finals for the second consecutive time, has completed its final inspection with training reminiscent of a real match ahead of the semifinals against strong Italy.

South Korea, led by head coach Kim Eun-joong,메이저사이트will play Italy in the semifinals of the 2023 FIFA Argentina U20 World Cup at Lapla Stadium in Laplata, Argentina, at 6 a.m. on the 9th (Korea Standard Time).

A day before the match against Italy, Kim Eun-joong held his last training session at Estancia Chica Training Center near Laplata.

The bright-faced Taegeuk Warriors warmed up lightly and focused on the promised pattern play. Head coach Kim emphasized counterattacks and offensive development using the side throughout the training.

The Taeguk Warriors were divided into two teams and played mini games to boost their condition. All the players poured out thick sweat in the training comparable to the actual game. After completing tactical training, strikers were intensively preparing to practice shooting, and defenders and midfielders were intensively preparing to defend against strong opponents’ attacks.

Head coach Kim Eun-joong said, “We’ve been preparing for every game thinking it’s the final,” adding, “We’ll do our best (in Gyeonggi Province tomorrow) as we’ve been preparing well.”

South Korea, which reached the semifinals for the first time in Asia, will try to advance to the finals for the second consecutive time following the 2019 Polish Games (second place).

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