‘Bomde’ Thought it wasn’t going to be this year…14G 3 wins to 3 losses, caught in 5th place fight vortex

I wonder how Lotte, which once formed a triumvirate with SSG and LG, is falling like this. I thought this year would not be a ‘bomde’꽁머니사이트 year, but as soon as the weather got hotter, they have been sliding down the rankings. Lotte is now a mid-table team that is fighting for 5th place instead of 3rd.

The joy of escaping a four-game losing streak two days ago was short-lived as Lotte failed to deliver another victory. Lotte lost its 10th game of the season against KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on April 20, suffering a 2-5 reversal of fortune.

Ko Seung-min, who has just six career home runs, hit a solo shot in the first inning and easily scored on a throwing error by the third baseman in the bottom of the fifth. Up-and-down ace Dan Straily bounced back with five innings of five-hit ball, two walks and eight strikeouts. Clearly, the game was in Lotte’s hands until the fifth inning. It looked like Lotte was going to get back on a winning streak and get back to the top of the standings.

However, once the ace went down, a nightmare quickly unfolded. Han Hyun-hee, a 4 billion won free agent who was transformed from a starter to a bullpen, struggled. After giving up a leadoff walk to Park Byung-ho and a single to Jang Jang-woo, he gave up an RBI single to Lee Ho-yeon and an infield grounder to Hwang Jae-gyun to tie the game at 2-2. Straylor’s fourth win of the season was over.

Han Hyun-hee’s fireworks continued. He got a fly ball to left field to give himself a breather, but was hit by a single to right by pinch-hitter Kim Sang-soo to put runners on first and second, and was replaced by left-hander Kim Jin-wook after one pitch against Kim Min-hyuk. Kim also felt the pressure and gave up an RBI single to Kim Min-hyuk.

Lotte added two more runs in the eighth inning after walking Lee Ho-yeon and singling Hwang Jae-gyun to put runners on first and second and third on a wild pitch and an RBI single by Kim Sang-soo. Veterans Kim Sang-soo and Choi Yi-joon struggled at the plate. Lotte started the week with a shocking upset loss.

Just a month ago, Lotte was battling with SSG and LG for the top spot in a world of powerhouses, and while their momentum has since slowed, they still managed 토토 가입머니 to minimize their losing streaks and establish themselves as a top-three team by the beginning of the month. Even when Lotte lost to Samsung Electronics in Daegu on October 10, it was still in third place.

Lotte suffered four straight losses from April 4 to 8, giving off a “bomde” scent. The three-game sweep of Sajik KT on June 6-8 was fatal. They dropped to fourth place, three games behind third-place NC, in the midst of their worst slump, winning just three games (11 losses) in 14 games from the 4th to the previous day.

Lotte’s pitching metrics during this stretch are abysmal. Their team ERA (5.36), batting average (2-for-4), and runs scored (55) are among the worst in the league, while their walks (79) are the most in the league. Their four losses were the third-most in the division.

With the gap to third place now three games, Lotte can no longer keep pace with SSG and LG. They are now a precarious fourth, having to worry about catching up to fifth-place Doosan, sixth-place KIA, seventh-place Kiwoom, and eighth-place KT. It’s caught in the middle of a five-way battle for fifth place that could change as soon as you wake up. Lotte’s June slide is unnerving.