Can KCC, embraced by Lee Jong-hyun, rebound?

Jeonju KCC, a professional basketball player, acquired center Lee Jong-hyun (203 cm) through a trade.

On the 1st, the trade deadline, KCC carried out a two-to-one trade in exchange for Kim Jin-yong and Park Jae-hyun in exchange for Lee Jong-hyeon from Goyang Carrot.

Lee Jong-hyun, who went through Kyungbok High School and Korea University, has been a center prospect who has been named to the A national team since his amateur days.

He joined Ulsan Hyundai Mobis with the first overall pick in the 2016 rookie draft. A rosy future was expected because he had completed his military service obligations by winning a gold medal at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

However, after his professional career, frequent injuries hindered his growth. He suffered severe injuries such as his Achilles tendon, knee, and shoulder, and was often on the operating table, and in the end, he could not improve his skills.

In November 2020, through a trade, he changed to an Orion (now Carrot) uniform, and this season, he experienced a trade once again in the new club system.

First of all, Lee Jong-hyun’s joining is expected to help KCC, which has a resource gap under the goal. Lee Seung-hyun was diagnosed with an elbow injury for 4 weeks and was removed from the line.

Recently, KCC fell into a 5-game losing streak due to the bad news of the departure of Lee Seung-hyun, who plays a pivotal role in offense and defense.

Although we cannot be sure of his normal condition, it is evaluated that the power of Lee Jong-hyun’s absolute height is still meaningful. He averaged 3.3 points and 2.3 rebounds in 13 minutes and 25 seconds this season.

Lee Seung-hyun and Lee Jong-hyun, who led the heyday of Korea University together, eat rice in one pot once again following Orion. Lee Seung-hyun left Orion through a free agent (FA) last year and moved to KCC, and they briefly broke up, but eventually got back together after half a year.

Ahead of this season, KCC heralded the revival of a prestigious club by recruiting FA players Lee Seung-hyun and Heo Woong side by side for a fee of 750 million won.

However, with 16 wins and 20 losses after 36 games, they are tied for 6th place with Wonju DB and Suwon KT.

Due to the poor performance of competing teams, they maintained a marginal line for advancing to the playoffs, but their performance was sluggish, falling short of a 50% win rate. 먹튀검증

To make matters worse, Lee Seung-hyun was left out in the second half of the round where the competition for rankings was fierce. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jong-hyun, who joined as a firefighter under the goal, can be reborn as a driving force for KCC’s rebound.

Kim Jin-yong and Park Jae-hyeon, recruited by Carrot, have no record of appearances this season. Kim Jin-yong is the only resource that can be utilized immediately. Park Jae-hyun advances to the Japanese stage through rental after Carrot transfer.

It is interesting to see how this trade will affect Carrot (19-17), who is in 5th place, in the future playoff competition.

Meanwhile, Seoul SK and Seoul Samsung also exchanged center Kim Seung-won and guard Jeon Jeon Jun.

Centers Lee Won-seok and Jo Woo-sung are both injured, and it is said that Samsung wanted a trade to reinforce resources under the goal. Samsung is in the worst mood as it has fallen into a 13-game losing streak. They are at the bottom with 10 wins and 26 losses.

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