Chinese media criticizes their country’s soccer, “We were completely defeated by Korea… There is still a long way to go to catch a strong team.”

The Chinese team is far behind in all statistics and Chinese football still has a long way to go before it can catch up with the Asian giants.”메이저사이트

This is the introduction to the article on the 2nd of the Chinese media Shinjungbo (新京报) about China’s 0-2 loss to Korea in the men’s soccer quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games on the 1st.

The Chinese media seems to be acknowledging the difference in skill level as the Chinese national team was completely defeated by Korea, which showed skills that were one step ahead. Rather, one can read a sigh of relief at having prevented a large number of goals conceded.

Shin Kyeong-bo said, “China did not pose much of a threat to the opponent, and in the extra time of the first half, Dai Weijun’s header hit the goalpost,” adding, “Ball possession 41% to 59%, number of shots 2 to 14, number of attacks 89 to 126, etc. “It turned out that we were behind our opponents in all aspects,” the report said. He added that the overall skill gap was even more evident on the field.

Some people find meaning in the fact that the team lost in the Korean game because the two starting players were sent off or received warnings, but advanced to the quarterfinals for the first time in 17 years. There are also voices calling for preparations for the 2026 World Cup Asian regional qualifiers to be held in November. China is in Group C of the preliminary round along with Korea.

Huang Jianliang, a famous soccer commentator, said in a post on social media immediately after China’s defeat, “Although they lost, China’s performance in the game was not bad,” and “the players made bold moves and showed a good performance.” However, he pointed out that “China’s lack of basic skills is a fatal weakness of China,” and that “not being able to catch the ball and losing it when it is taken away is not something that can be solved all at once.”

He also said, “In soccer, not only technique but also the ability to read the game and make decisions is important,” and “These abilities need to be improved through training and accumulation of experience.” Huang Jianliang highly praised Korea, saying, “They showed very high tactical knowledge and coordination in this game.”

Huang Jianliang went on to praise South Korea, saying, “Korea played very confidently, their techniques were very comprehensive, and they always outpaced the Chinese team in various ways, whether they were playing defense or attacking.” He went on to urge, “China should follow these points and strengthen and improve them in its daily training.”

There were many pessimistic comments on the article reporting the news of China’s defeat. “If it weren’t for the referee in the last game against Qatar, we would have been eliminated,” “Chinese soccer has developed for over half a century, so why is the level getting worse?”, “When losing becomes a habit, you don’t think much of it.”

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