“Competing with Manchester United!” Munich asks Napoli to recruit Kim Min-jae… “Interesting Player”

Bayern Munich participated in the recruitment of Kim Min-jae. It is ready to compete with Manchester United, which was considered a leading destination.

Germany’s Sky Sports said on the 15th 먹튀검증 (Korea Standard Time), “Munich is looking for a central defender through the transfer market. They inquired about Kim Min-jae in Naples,” the report said.

Munich Board members consider Kim Min-jae a very interesting player, and discussions are underway internally. If Luca Hernandez leaves, the contract could be further materialized. “Bangjameng Pavar is also another candidate to move,” he added.

Kim Min-jae left Fenerbahce ahead of the 2022-23 season and moved to Naples to join the European big leagues. And he became Serie A’s “best defender” in one season. He was not pushed back at all in the physical competition, and his defensive skills such as tackle and intercept were great. In addition, it was called the “modern center back typical” because of its fast speed, build-up ability, and forwardness. Thanks to Kim Min-jae, Napoli took the lead from the beginning of the season and succeeded in recapturing Scudetto for the first time in 33 years.

Sang proves Kim Min-jae’s performance. During the season, he won the Player of the Month award selected by the Serie A Secretariat in September and the Player of the Month award selected by the Italian Football Association in October. And at the end of the season, he was named ‘Serie A Team of the Year’ and ‘Serie A Best Defender’. It can be said that he has won almost all the awards he can receive in the first season.

As a result, European mega clubs rushed to recruit Kim Min-jae, and Manchester United was initially likely. Multiple Italian media outlets confidently announced that Kim Min-jae will join Manchester United in July. Italy’s “Corele delo Sport” said, “As soon as July comes, official will come out and we will sign a 4+1 year contract,” and “Il Martino” said, “Kim Min-jae will join Manchester United, which will pay 60 million euros (about 83 billion won) in July and earn 9 million pounds (about 14.5 billion won) a year.”

However, reports that refute this poured out on the 15th. Fabricio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, said, “Manchester United still remains in the competition to recruit Kim Min-jae, but nothing has been agreed upon. Despite many reports, nothing has been done. Munich is interested in Kim Min-jae as one of the new center-back options. It’s a specific name on the recruitment list,” he said.

Santi Auna of France’s “Foot Mercato” also said, “Kim Min-jae is on the Munich recruitment list. Talks were held last week. The first conversation was very positive, and the first proposal was delivered to the agent. Negotiations will continue,” he explained.

In addition, Florian Flettenberg of “Sky Sports” said, “Kim Min-jae is a player that Munich is watching for sure and has been confirmed again.” He will be a popular transfer target over the next few weeks. Munich knows that Manchester United is pushing to recruit Kim Min-jae. Coach Eric Tenhach wants him,” he said.

In fact, this is not the first time that Munich has been watching Kim Min-jae. In May, Italy’s Arena Napoli said, “Munich will consider Kim Min-jae when Pavar leaves. According to our paper, Munich is evaluating the profile of Kim Min-jae, who played well in Serie A and the Champions League, he said. “The prospect of Pavar’s departure after the end of this season led the Munich board to observe Kim Min-jae.” Kim Min-jae is recognized for his speed, stamina, ability to compete in the air, and clean defense. He has not closed to any team so far,” he said.

Munich was in a hurry to recruit center backs as the transfer of Pavar and Luca became a fait accompli. After that, he chose Kim Min-jae while looking for a center back sale to recruit. According to Sky Sports, he even asked Napoli to recruit him.

Kim Min-jae’s buyout is known to be around 50 million euros (about 69 billion won). Munich can invest in Kim Min-jae’s buyout with funds generated when Lucana Pavar moves.

Kim Min-jae is also an attractive option. Munich is a strong player who achieved “11 consecutive Bundesliga titles” until the 2022-23 season. It shines the most wins in the Bundesliga (32 times), DFB Pokal (20 times), and DFL Super Cup (10 times). He also won the UEFA Champions League (UCL) trophy six times.

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