Confident ‘Closer’ Lee Ju-hyeon “Currently, we rank second in terms of performance. We are confident to beat anyone we meet, but T1 is number one”

Lee “Closer” Joo-hyeon emphasized that he is currently second in the LCK in terms of performance.

On the 8th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, Guangdong vs. Liv Sanbak, took place.

On this day, Liv Sanbak achieved 5 wins of the season. I was embarrassed by Guangdong’s potential, but in an instant, I corrected the ban pick and showed the management of the 2nd and 3rd sets.

In an interview with the Riot winners after the match, Lee Joo-hyun, who was riding the momentum, said, “I lost my confidence because I lost the Genji match, but my confidence rose again with the victory in the Guangdong match.” 카지노사이트

Liv Sanbak, who was unfortunately defeated 1-2 against Gen.G. Regarding the defeat in Gen.G, he explained the feedback, “There were a lot of minor mistakes. We talked about making up for those parts neatly, and we found a way to deal with it flexibly because it was difficult to deal with when the situation happened.”

Liv Sanbak nevertheless lost the first set to Guangdong. Lee Joo-hyun confessed that there was a time when he had a chance to win, but it was regrettable that he could not maintain the victory until the end.

Regarding the ranking of Liv Sanbak, who was in a good mood, Lee Joo-hyun said, “I am full of confidence right now. I have the confidence to win no matter who I meet. I think I am currently ranked 2nd. The 1st place is T1.”

In addition, with the determination for the next match against DRX, he said, “I have former colleague Croco hyung and the coach. I really want to win against him.”

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