Coronation in Ulsan with blue waves…’liner era’ accelerates building of new dynasty

The Big Crown (Ulsan Munsu Stadium) overflowed with 20,000 blue waves. It was a happy ending. The coronation ceremony that everyone dreams of unfolded in splendor. Ulsan Hyundai, which secured its first back-to-back K League 1 titles, defeated rival Jeonbuk at home and proudly lifted the championship trophy.

Ulsan, led by head coach Hong Myung-bo, finished the final 38th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 with a 1-0 home win over Jeonbuk on March 3, with 76 points (23 wins, 7 draws, and 8 losses). After suffering from the ‘Jeonbuk jinx’ for a long time, Ulsan, which was awarded its second star in 17 years last year, added significance by defeating Jeonbuk again in the final match of the season after winning back-to-back titles.

The coronation ceremony also reflected Ulsan’s status as a national team. Fans wearing blue tiger jerseys were everywhere from Seoul Station in the early morning. Four hours before kickoff, Ulsan’s Tongdosa Station was dominated by blue waves. Long lines formed in front of the limousine buses heading to the Big Crown.

Ulsan drew 28,638 fans for the final match. Ulsan, which built on the success of its own documentary “Blue Wave,” which opened its locker room to the public, to expand its fan base in the Seoul metropolitan area, has drawn 345,990 fans to its 19 home games this season. This is the highest number of fans in a season since the 2018 paid attendance statistics and the highest number of fans in the club’s history. In particular, the team won the F&B business right from the Korea Facilities Management Corporation and earned more than 70 million won in sales per game, surpassing the limits of local clubs and achieving both performance and box office.

Nothing makes a coronation shine brighter than victory. Last year, they lost 1-2 to Jeju in the final after clinching the title, but this day was different. Jeonbuk was desperate to secure third place, which would have secured them a ticket to the Asian Champions League Elite (ACLE), but Ulsan dominated throughout the match. In the 31st minute, the Big Crown celebration reached its peak when ‘soccer idol’ Seol Young-woo scored a right-footed goal on the counterattack.

The ceremony also thrilled the fans. Seol gathered his teammates and made a “shhh” gesture toward the home fans with his finger in his mouth. He then hugged the ball off the touchline to his chest and raised it into the air. In a nod to the trophy ceremony at the end of the game, he roared the ball onto the field first. 무지개토토 주소

The trophy ceremony after the award ceremony, which was the highlight of the game, made us feel the value of ‘One Team Ulsan’ even more. Ulsan cruised through the early part of the season without a loss before coming under fire in June when some players made racist comments on social media. This, coupled with the transfer of key player Park Yong-woo (Al Ain), led to a brief downward spiral. At this point, Hong turned things around by changing the captaincy. Jung Seung-hyun handed over the captain’s armband to Kim Ki-hee. However, Kim didn’t lift the trophy on his own, but called on Jung Seung-hyun. Unusually, the former and current captains lifted the trophy together, creating a truly happy ending.

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