‘Crazy’, which was mentioned as Bento’s successor, is still ‘invincible’

‘El Loco’ coach Marcelo Bielsa (67, Argentina), who was mentioned as a candidate for the new head coach of the Korean national soccer team, is still ‘invincible’. It was originally predicted that he would take the helm of Everton (England), but the negotiations collapsed.

Bielsa was spotted arriving at London airport four days ago. He was chosen as the next head coach of Everton and to proceed with the negotiations. In the field, it was even predicted as a strong candidate, such as predicting that he would take the helm as much as Fahad Moshiri (67, Iranian-British) wanted the most. 토토사이트

However, coach Bielsa was not finally selected as he did not receive great support from Everton’s high-ranking officials other than Chairman Moshiri. Instead of him, it was confirmed that director Sean Dyche (51, England), who was the “second best option,” would take the helm. An official announcement has already been made.

Naturally, the possibility of becoming the head coach of the Korean national soccer team is still open. Since the beginning of this month, coach Bielsa has been steadily connected with coach Jürgen Klinsmann (58, Germany), with Paulo Bento (53, Portugal) being a candidate for the successor to former manager Paulo Bento.

However, the possibility that the Korea Football Association (KFA) will appoint coach Bielsa is not realistic. There has been no news that specific negotiations have been carried out, and it is unclear whether he will be able to afford the high ransom. In fact, it is said that he received an annual salary of 8 million pounds (about 12 billion won) from Leeds United (England) most recently. If you set up a ‘division’ here, the scale of the annual salary will increase.

Bielsa is the best tactician in South America. He emphasizes strong pressure from the front and pursues attacking football. In particular, words such as ‘quick transition between offense and defense’, ‘concise movement’, and ‘one-touch pass’ are words he always emphasizes to his players. He is also good at using various formations to utilize customized tactics according to the opponent.

Currently, many of the world’s most famous coaches have been greatly influenced by Bielsa. Representatives include Mauricio Pochettino (50, Argentina) and Diego Simeone (52, Argentina). In the case of coach Josep Guardiola (52, Spain), he is even cited as the person he admires the most.

Meanwhile, on the 25th, the National Team Strengthening Committee held its first meeting regarding the appointment of a new coach through an online video conference with new chairman Michael Müller (58, Germany) and six members attending. After the final candidates are selected through the meeting, they will check their capabilities through direct interviews, conduct individual negotiations according to the priority of the negotiation target, and finally appoint a new command tower.

“We plan to proceed with the procedure according to the criteria for appointment after reviewing all possibilities with a blank slate,” said Müller, the new chairman. We will consider whether it is possible to live permanently,” he said.

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