Daegu FC leaves for Kagoshima, Japan for the 2nd winter field training

Daegu will conduct the second winter field training in Kagoshima, Japan for 14 days from the 4th to the 17th.

Previously, in the first winter field training held in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do (January 2-February 1), physical strength and organizational power were intensively raised through intensive training. He refined his strength by playing practice matches with professional and college teams more than twice a week.

A total of 10 practice games were played and 10 wins, 41 points and 7 concessions were recorded. The player with the most goals was striker Kim Young-jun, recruited from the K3 Pocheon Citizen Soccer Team through the transfer market this winter. Kim Young-joon, who played a total of 8 games between Team A and Team B, scored 6 goals, recording the most goals in the team. Striker Park Yong-hee, who is in his second year of professional debut this season, also showed a good performance with 5 points. Oh Sung-sung and Ko Jae-hyeon each scored 3 points and started scoring. 먹튀검증

26 athletes will participate in the second winter field training. The goal is to raise the sense of actual combat as much as possible by focusing on the harmony of players and maximization of power through tactical training and practice games in Kagoshima, Japan, which has a mild climate.

Coach Won-kwon Choi, ahead of the second winter field training, said, “It will take time to become one with the players. We need to outline the best member and set up a plan B so that trial and error during the season is reduced and the time to respond is quicker.” It is the homework in Kagoshima War Training to come prepared,” he said, revealing his determination.

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