Dallas trades Dinwiddie and Phineas-Smith for Irving

The Dallas Mavericks drew their swords.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Dallas traded Kyrie Irving (guard, 188cm, 88kg) from the Brooklyn Nets.

Instead of bringing Irving and Markiff Morris (forward, 206cm, 111kg), Dallas will send Spencer Dinwiddie (guard, 196cm, 98kg) and Dorian Finney-Smith (forward, 201cm, 100kg) to Brooklyn for a first-round ticket and revenge. I decided to send the 2nd round pick.

Then, ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski announced that Dallas had sent a 2029 first round pick, a 2027 second round ticket, and a 2029 second round ticket. # Trade Overview Maps get Kyrie Irving, Markif Morris Nets get Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, 2029 Round 1 Ticket, 2027 Round 2 Ticket, 2029 Round 2 Ticket Why Mavericks? Dallas showed interest immediately after Irving asked to be traded. However, he was also a somewhat unexpected candidate. Because he has Luka Doncic. Considering that Doncic is playing the role of point guard, there was room for overlap even if Irving was taken. Even so, Dallas made a trade blitz.

The fact that the trade was quickly concluded shows that Dallas wanted it and that negotiations were moving quickly. It has been confirmed that Dallas general manager Nico Harrison has a relationship with Irving, and manager Jason Kidd also wanted to recruit Irving. Reporter Marc Stein of The Stein Line reported that Dallas had, of course, consulted Doncic prior to the trade.

Dallas carried out the trade despite the fact that the backcourt could be somewhat biased. After failing to catch Jalen Brunson (New York) last summer, he has not been able to make any significant reinforcements. Dallas, which had hoped to recruit a star powerhouse to work with Doncic, didn’t hesitate, unlike other clubs, when Irving asked for a trade.

Instead of sorting out the contract of Kristaps Porzingis (Washington), David Bertense was brought in, and there was not much room to move in the transfer market due to the existing contract with Tim Hardaway Jr. However, when an outstanding guard named Irving appeared on the trade market, Dallas soon came to terms and negotiated with Brooklyn. I risked sending the naming rights and housekeeper Phineas-Smith.

Although this trade puts the power in the backcourt, Doncic can actually play as a forward. This is understandable, given that he was the starting power forward in his debut. Even considering his physical condition, he can play as a forward and, like LeBron James (Lakers), as a forward, he can control everything the guard does.

Rather, Irving’s addition can not only relieve Doncic of the burden he directly shouldered, but also reduce his dependence on him. For reference, Doncic can move well even without the ball. He plays an overwhelmingly high role in the current team, so he spends a lot of time with the ball, but even if he doesn’t have the ball, he can play a certain role.

However, the key is how much productivity Doncic can maintain when playing with Irving even if he doesn’t own the ball. Above all, the most important thing is how well Irving, who has committed unnecessary words and actions, can melt into the new team. If not, Dallas would be giving up its main power in exchange for a de facto half-year contract with Irving.

Now that Dallas has brought Irving, it’s only natural that he wants to be with him. Dallas has no intention of signing an extension immediately. Because you don’t know when Irving will start acting out. Considering that he also missed out on an injury after signing a long-term contract with Brooklyn, but did not play for non-game reasons, it is natural for Dallas to consider the uncertainty that it may face in the future.

Irving appeared in 40 games before being traded this season. He recorded 27.1 points (.486 .374 .883), 5.1 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 1 steal in 37 minutes per game. Averaging over 27 points is not difficult, but now that he has to work with Don Cicci, it is important how long he can maintain his season average.

Reporter Tim McMahon of 『ESPN』 said that if Irving signs an extension during the season, he can have a two-year contract, and if he agrees to a contract during the offseason, he can have a four-year contract. If a contract extension is signed during the season, Irving could receive a two-year contract worth up to $80 million. However, as Dallas has just brought Irving, he will first consider adapting and combining after spending time.

Dallas has thrown the odds, so it’s important to make good use of its two superstars going forward. If Irving causes controversy again or the combination of the two fails, he will inevitably suffer a huge loss. This is because he gave up Din Widdie and Phineas-Smith, who had a certain sense of power, as well as the right to pick in the first round.

If you look at Irving’s skills alone, it is in the interest of Dallas to bring him to that condition. However, Irving has caused a lot of problems outside of his skills over the years to varying degrees. Considering the risk of frequent absences due to injuries before that, Dallas’ Irving trade is by no means far more dangerous than Porzingis’ hasty renewal.

As a result, the luxury tax in Dallas has increased significantly. Dinwiddie and Finney-Smith’s combined salaries this season (about $32 million) are more than Irving and Morris’ combined (about $39 million). With this trade, the luxury tax has soared. ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported that the luxury tax in Dallas jumped from $31.7 million to $28.8 million, to $60.5 million. why nets?

Brooklyn finally pulled out a long-suffering tooth. In the meantime, it was not easy to trade him considering his skills and his relationship with Kevin Durant. Last summer, when he showed signs of going out on the transfer window, he had a headache. However, after requesting a trade this time, the trade was carried out shortly after.

Brooklyn’s choice was Dallas. He was also interested in the LA Lakers and Phoenix Suns, but the terms of the deal were bound to be limited. In fact, the only confirmed Lakers offer was Russell Westbrook and a first-round pick. It was all about replacing it with an expiring contract and receiving one nomination right. It is presumed that the situation would not have been much different in Phoenix.

However, by pulling out a deal with Dallas, Brooklyn acquired a semi-skilled ballhandler in Dinwiddie and a forward who can move both inside and outside in Phineas-Smith. Since Irving is missing, it is not easy to maintain power right now. However, (through Irving, whose value was lowered to a low level), he obtained a card that would help maintain power as much as possible, and expanded his assets to prepare for the future.

Brooklyn, which has a number of forwards, led by Durant, can diversify its lineup by adding Phineas-Smith. Brooklyn has also shown interest in frontcourt reinforcement in the trade market. Phineas-Smith is not only able to digest inside and outside, but also has above-average defense, which is enough to help reinforce power. 토토사이트

Brooklyn has Durant, Lois O’Neill, Nicholas Claxton, TJ Warren and Yuta Watanabe. Here, as Finney-Smith came in, the existing tall lie-up with mobility was made more solid. Phineas-Smith can back and forth between the starter and the bench to firmly support Durant and O’Neal, and is expected to serve as the starter until Durant returns.

Phineas-Smith, who has been playing for Dallas ever since entering the NBA, appeared in 40 games this time. He averaged 9.1 points (.416 .355 .750), 4.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1 steal in 32.2 minutes of play. Compared to last season, when he posted an average of 11 points, it is true that he has slowed down a bit, but his non-record contribution is by no means small, so it can be of great help to the team.

It is also nice to see Dinwiddy join us. As Brooklyn began rebuilding, he was considered the team’s backbone along with Caris LeVert (Cleveland), Joe Harris, and Jarrett Allen (Cleveland). Later, when Durant and Irving moved in, he left the team, but returned to his parents’ home. As before, he is expected to fulfill his role as the starting point guard.

He also stood out this season. He posted 17.7 points (.455 .405 .821) 3.1 rebounds and 5.3 assists in 34.1 minutes per game in 53 games. He showed improvement from last season (average of 13.7 points). He averaged 20.6 points last season in Brooklyn, averaging 20.6 points, and proved his worth with his ability.

Securing the nomination right cannot be overlooked. 2029 1st round tickets can also fill the 1st round in the future. However, there is still time until the trade deadline, so you can use it to trade. Since there is still time until the deadline after this trade, another power may be added after the power is turned on and after watching the trend. The second round pick can also be used as a trade card.

The old man, Makif Maurice, was also given up. Before this season, he was brought in under conditions that were not guaranteed, but the contract was guaranteed. Sending him was enough to bring Phineas-Smith. Moreover, Finney-Smith has a contract up to the 2025-2026 season, including player options. Dinwiddie’s contract expires in the upcoming 2023-2024 season. However, the salary for the next season is partially guaranteed.

With this trade, Brooklyn also cut his spending significantly. According to Marks, the provisional luxury tax in Brooklyn before the trade was well over $100 million, but this trade lowered the luxury tax to $80.1 million. With a whopping $28.8 million in luxury taxes alone, it was finally possible to change the spending structure that had been high for many years.

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