‘Equipped with a forkball’ Han Hyun-hee, expected to catch 8 billion in the new team

What kind of synergy will the meeting between Han Hyun-hee (30) and Yoo Kang-nam (31) create?

On the 17th, the Lotte Giants signed a FA contract with Han Hyun-hee (3+1 years, down payment of 300 million, guaranteed annual salary of 1.5 billion and up to 3.7 billion, total of 4 billion won), marking the start of the Stove League wide move. Lotte, which strengthened its center line by recruiting catcher Yoo Kang-nam (8 billion won over 4 years) and shortstop No Jin-hyeok (5 billion won over 4 years), immediately emerged as a top 5 candidate by recruiting Han Hyun-hee, who used both the starter and bullpen.

Han Hyun-hee is a pitcher who recorded 65 wins and 105 holds in 416 games until last year. However, he was sluggish last season with 6 wins (4 losses) and an earned run average of 4.75 in 21 games. He appeared in 14 games as a starting pitcher, but failed to give a firm belief, and in the fall baseball, he tasted the pain of being excluded from the playoffs. 카지노

However, Han Hyun-hee had a solid income despite his poor performance last season. It is the addition of a forkball pitch. He learned it himself and used it for a while in the 2018 season, but last year he was properly taught by coach Shin Seong-young and equipped with a forkball. Han Hyun-hee, who received a tweezers lecture from coach Song, often used a forkball in the second half, recording a season use rate of 4.1%. He may not seem like a very high figure, but considering that he has been equipped since the middle of the season, he can be considered to have made good use of it. Han Hyun-hee’s forkball hit rate (0.158) and OPS (0.308) were the lowest among the pitches he used. Hyeon-hee Han, who had a thirst for pitches that fell down, tried to change by acquiring a forkball following his changeup.

Lotte, where Han Hyun-hee will wear the uniform, is one of the best forkball teams in the league. Lotte, which is the only team with a team fork ball usage rate of double digits (11.7%), is expecting the effect of Yoo Kang-nam recruited in the free agent market. It is expected that the pitching staff will be upgraded to the next level with the addition of Yoo Kang-nam, who is good at blocking and framing.

Han Hyun-hee also deserves to look forward to synergy with Yoo Kang-nam. Han Hyun-hee’s ball, which throws a fastball with good movement with a sidearm pitching form, can match well with Yoo Gang-nam’s framing. If he believes in blocking and increases the frequency of forkballs, he can compete with batters with more diverse pitching patterns.

Han Hyun-hee lost 9 kg during the off-season and burned his will to revive the 2023 season. Expectations are high on what Han Hyun-hee, who will start the new season with his hometown team, will do in the first year of his free agent contract.

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