Fnatic ‘winter season failure’… The end of the off-season “‘Rekkles’ recruitment is not the first priority”

The off-season behind-the-scenes for Fnatic, which had the worst start in the 2023 ‘LOL EMEA Championship (hereinafter referred to as the LEC)’, is known. The team manager of the second division, the LFL, stated that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson was not their first choice, as Fnatic had so quickly confirmed an underrated support as their starting lineup.

On the 8th (Korean time), ‘Dot Esports’ quoted the LFL team manager’s SNS remarks and reported that Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson was not Fnatic’s number one recruit. The LFL team manager said, “’Rekkles’ was ranked below 5th on the recruitment list. No one was trying to match up with Fnatic support Ruben “Rooks” Barbossa, so the turn was pushed back.”

In LOL esports, breathing between distance dealers and supporters is especially important. Therefore, there is also a strategy to attract new players by recruiting excellent distance dealers or supporters first. In January, G2 successfully signed a contract with distance dealer ‘Hans Sama’ Stephen Reeve, who performed outstandingly in the LEC and LCS. Regarding this, head coach Roman Vigard announced, “The contract was concluded with the return of supporter ‘Miki X’ Michael Mul.”

After all, Fnatic has taken an action opposite to the strategy of recent LoL esports teams. ‘Looks’ made his first-team stage debut last year in 2022, but he was born in 1996 (26 years old), so he is not ‘young blood’. He was quickly dropped as the main supporter due to his flashy performance, but the officials’ reviews were not good, and in the end, he could not prevent Fnatic from sinking in the 2023 winter season. 토토사이트

Fnatic failed to make it to the group stage, where 8 out of 10 teams advance despite considerable investment. On the other hand, rival teams such as Vitality, Mad Lions, and G2 easily settled into the group stage, making Fnatic’s performance even more pitiful this time. As a result, Fnatic is in a situation where it must make a rebound through the spring season.

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