“Follow Sehyuk”… 15.2 billion FA catcher’s junior love, a request not to forget while leaving

Eui-ji Yang (36) is now the hostess of the Doosan Bears, not the hostess of the NC Dinos. As he left the team, he did not forget Park Se-hyeok (34), who switched teams with him.

NC lost catcher Yang Eui-ji in the FA market. He moved to Doosan, his parent team, for a total of 15.2 billion won in 4+2 years. Instead, NC recruited catcher Park Se-hyuk, who was released from Doosan as a free agent, for 4 years and 4.6 billion won. Although it was a free agency contract, it was actually a match trade.

However, from the point of view of NC, power loss is unavoidable. It is not easy to make up for the departure of Tuta’s core resource Yang Will. However, it is a plan to minimize bleeding with Park Se-hyuk.

Last year, the season just before FA, Park Se-hyeok had a disappointing performance. In 128 games, he had a batting average of .2 4.8 (87 hits in 351 bats), 3 homers, 41 RBIs, and an OPS of .636. He pitched 884 innings and had a 22.1 percent stealing percentage (74 allowed/21 interceptions). 

The aftermath of the 2021 facial dunes was crazy until last year, and we couldn’t definitively overcome it. Even until the start of last year’s season, I thought that it would be counted as the ‘catcher FA Big 4’ along with Yang Eui-ji, Park Dong-won (LG), and Yoo Gang-nam (Lotte), but in the end, they did not receive much attention in the free agency market, and Yoo Gang-nam, Park Dong-won, and Yang Eui-ji took turns After deciding, he belatedly received an offer from NC and transferred.   

Although the evaluation has plummeted, Park Se-hyeok is a catcher who has already shown a high point 토토사이트. After Yang Eui-ji left, he was the catcher who led Doosan to win in 2019, the first full-time starting season, and also experienced the national team. He was also good with young pitchers. His experience alone is incomparable to those of the catchers left behind by Yang Ji-ji. Coach Kang In-kwon, who taught Park Se-hyeok during his time as Doosan coach, is also confident that he will be able to rebound if the environment changes.

Pitchers who grew up under the shadow of Yang Eui-ji regretted the departure of Lee Gu-dong-seong and Yang Eui-ji. Koo Chang-mo said, “It is true that senior (Yang) Eui-ji came and I grew up. He learned a lot about baseball and gained a lot of confidence while playing and breathing battery. It was a lot of regret because there were a lot of breathing times.” Song Myung-ki also said, “I really taught and learned a lot while we were together. Thank you so much. I’m sorry,” he said.

Instead, Yang Eui-ji left the team but did not forget his request to his immediate junior who took over his place. Song Myung-gi said, “Senior Eui-ji said, ‘(Park) Se-hyuk follow me well. He told me, ‘He’s a good catcher,’” he explained. 

The senior who left did not forget the words of request so that Park Se-hyuk could melt into the new team. Yang Eui-ji hoped that the pitchers who had been with him would be able to ‘win-win’ each other by matching their breath with Park Se-hyuk without covering their faces.

Now, Park Se-hyeok begins his full-fledged journey as an NC player while having a meeting with the players at the kick-off ceremony on the 16th. Can Park Se-hyeok’s new start, who has to work with a young pitcher and lead the team, be successful? 토토사이트

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