Former Samsung franchise star KT Kim Sang-soo’s unconventional Daegu outing

KT’s Kim Sang-soo, who played for Samsung until last year, shared his thoughts on playing in Daegu for the first time since the start of the season. “I’m more excited this time than when I came to Daegu for the exhibition game in March. It’s my first away game of the season, so I’m doubly excited,” he smiled.

He continued, “I felt strange during the Samsung home game (April 28-30), but this time it’s even worse because it’s an away game. It was weird coming out of the toll gate and in many other ways. My mom used to come here a lot when I was with Samsung, but now that I’m gone, she’s going to go to the ballpark for the first time in a long time.”

Kim was hit in the left elbow by a pitch from Won Jong-hyun in the seventh inning against the Suwon Kiwoom on May 25. It was swollen to the point where it was unclear if he would be able to play on the 26th, but he was determined to play, icing it while traveling to Daegu. Manager Lee Kang-cheol said, “That’s how much he cares about the team. Head coach Kim Tae-gyun and pitching coach Kim Tae-han, both from Samsung, really praise us a lot, and there’s a reason for that.”

In response, Kim Sang-soo said, “I thought it would be hard to play today, but thanks to the good management in the training part, I was in good enough condition to play. I’m grateful for the good management, including the icing during the bursts. I also wanted to say hello to the Samsung fans as it was the first away game of the season in Daegu,” he smiled.

“They’ve been so good to me.토토사이트 I’ve heard so many good things about them, so I thought they would do something, but it’s more than I expected.” Lee Kang-cheol is all smiles whenever he talks about Kim Sang-soo.

“It’s because the director has been taking good care of me. Thank you for your kind words. I’m going to do my best to do what I can. I think I play like that because the coach gives me a lot of consideration. I will be more grateful and try to do better on the field.”

The stolen base king is also known for his witty base running. Kim said, “I’m confident in running. Whether it’s offense, defense, or baserunning, I want to do well,” he said, adding, “As I said at the beginning of the season, I want to erase the story of the aging curve. I’m doing well so far, and I hope to do well in the future.”

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