“Go to the minors!” says Manoa, who ignored advice to lose weight…TSN Insider “Excessive bug-ups slow upper body movement”

Alec Manoa, 23, is coming of age after ignoring a senior’s advice.

Before this season, Anthony Wrecker, a former baseball player who now works as an analyst for MLB Network, advised Manoa to lose weight. Manoa weighs 130 kilograms.

Manoa responded. “Look at my record and tell me,” he said, shooting back at Wrecker.

At the time, most of the US media sided with Manoa.

Manoa went 16-7 with a 2.24 ERA in 2022 and was a finalist for the Cy Young Award.

When I asked Manoa for advice, he called it “nonsense.

After winning the popularity contest in a one-sided fashion, Manoa was “overwhelmed.

The Toronto Blue Jays hailed him as their ace and named him their starter to open the season.

However, Manoa’s performance 스포츠토토 was disastrous and he was sent down. Manoa continued to struggle afterward. Two months and three days later, Manoa is 1-6 with a 5.46 ERA.

This prompted Canadian TSN Insider Steve Phillips to take a hard look at the situation and argue that Manoa should be sent to the minors.

Phillips attributed Manoa’s poor performance to overbulking.

According to a recent research report, having good upper body strength can lead to a harder throw. This is why pitchers are using the offseason to bulk up.

Manoa reportedly worked on his upper body strength before the season.

But he called it “overkill. Manoa did too much strength training.

Phillips pointed out that Manoa’s upper body movement was slowed down by excessive bulking. As a result, his ball-striking power was diminished.

As a result, Phillips said, Toronto should send Manoa to the minors, where he can make adjustments.

Phillips emphasized that a trip to the minors is not a demotion.

It will be interesting to see if Manoa pushes back against Phillips’ point.

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