Hanwha Life Insurance regrets consecutive losses “I will find my skills by reviving the practice atmosphere at the stadium”

Hanwha Life Esports (hereafter referred to as Hanwha Life Insurance), who was unilaterally overwhelmed by KT and recorded a losing streak, announced that they would regain their skills by reviving the atmosphere of practice.

Hanwha Life Insurance lost to KT with a set score of 0-2 in the 2nd week and 3rd day of the 2nd week of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split held at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 25th.

The contents of the interview with coach Choi In-kyu and Kim “Zekka” Gun-woo after the match are as follows.

Q1. Please rate the overall game.

Director Choi In-kyu: I thought it was important for us to bring back the collapsed mentality after losing the sandbox match, but it’s a pity that we lost to the KT match. I think a lot about how to prepare well for the next game.

Q2. If there was something regrettable about losing the match,

Kim “Zekka” Geon-woo: Rather than a particularly regrettable part, I think it deserves to be lost because we didn’t play well as planned.

Q3. I got the impression that KT was ahead in today’s match. What are the specific losses?

Manager Choi In-kyu: I think the biggest loss was that I was afraid of the opponent’s attack rather than taking the initiative even though I chose a combination to take advantage of in the beginning.

Q4. It seems that Hanwha Life Insurance is not performing as well as expected. Overall, what areas do you think need to be supplemented?

Director Choi In-kyu: If we have a short time to breathe, it seems that there is a problem that comes out of it, and the problem is that the same performance does not come out during practice in the stadium, but I think it is important to move to the stadium as soon as possible.

Kim “Zecca” Geon-woo: After all, the situation right now is not very good, and the mentality is not good because of the last game, and the sum may not be right. In conclusion, it seems that we are not doing well so far, so we are not getting good grades.

Q5. How did you try to instill confidence before today’s game? 먹튀검증

Manager Choi In-gyu: I thought we could lose a game while scrimming, but it came out sooner than we thought. Because scrims were good, there were many variables in the tournament, so I lost, so I said that I could win enough if I did what I did during practice.

Q6. What factors do you think scrim performance is not showing up in the tournament?

Coach Choi In-kyu: There is pressure from the interest in achieving results as expected, and while playing in a friendly atmosphere, there seems to be a part where communication is not smooth as the stadium shrinks in a solemn atmosphere.

Q7. If your losing streak continues to get longer, you may not be strategically good. What part do you want to emphasize?

Manager Choi In-gyu: Regardless of the results, the season is long and there are many games left, so I think it’s enough to keep changing and showing what you’re good at.

Q8. Lastly, please give me a word of determination.

Kim “Zecca” Geon-woo: It would be nice if we could win the next game, but even if we lose the next game, I’m sure that it will get better if we solve the problems slowly, even if it takes time, rather than winning 1 or 2 with this skill.

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