“I came here, to Korea, because…” Fatal mistake Second-year prospect hugged by a stranger, rechallenged to win 3 of 4 gam

But only one win. We’re talking about Samsung Lions pitcher Albert Suarez, 34.

1-3 in eight games. In his eighth start, against Doosan in Jamsil on April 24, he threw 111 pitches over six innings, allowing seven hits, two walks and four strikeouts, but he didn’t get the win. Suarez went down and came back with a big inning in the eighth to win 6-1.

He immediately rolled his eyes 메이저놀이터 and shook his head.

“The team wins first. The reason I came here, to Korea, is to help the team win as much as possible. That’s the primary goal. No matter how many goals I give up, as long as I help the team win, I’m satisfied.”

This isn’t just a ritualized “team first” chant from a foreign player. It’s genuine.

It’s in his every move.

On the 11th, against Daejeon Hanwha.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, trailing 0-2, Lee Won-seok’s grounder to shortstop Lee Jae-hyun, who was fielding the ball in front of him, was dropped. In his haste to get home, it fell between his crotches. A costly error that made it 0-3. In the end, Samsung lost 0-4. Suarez also took the loss.

Despite the crucial error, Suarez didn’t frown on the mound. Considering that there are a lot of sensitive foreign pitchers who are openly irritated by their teammates’ mistakes, he was truly a big man. Lee Jae-hyun didn’t give a damn, grounding out the next batter, Jung Eun-won, to end the inning quickly.

Then, as Jae-hyun wanted to hide in a rat hole between innings, Suarez barged up to him.

He reached out his right hand and grabbed her hand like a high-five, and immediately wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She felt so sorry for him that she buried her face in his arms and almost hugged him. Suarez told him various stories and encouraged him.

He acted like a clubhouse leader, not an outfield pitcher. It was a scene that showed Suarez’s character and attitude toward his teammates and baseball.

Suarez will make his ninth start of the season against the Incheon SSG on the 30th. The team is looking for their second win of the season in four games after their first win of the season against Kiwoom on the 4th. How much will his teammates help Suarez, the “good guy,” but maybe they’re trying to be too nice and creating “sukrai” in reverse.

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