“I hated this kind of football the most, but it was my mistake” Awakening of Daegu Hongcheol

Daegu FC left fullback Hong-cheol (33) is looking for the answer in the style of football he hated the most.

At the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp held at the Namhae General Social Welfare Center in Gyeongnam on the afternoon of the 1st, Hong Cheol expressed his feelings ahead of the season, saying, “After experiencing soccer, there seems to be no answer.”

Hong-cheol recalled the difficult time after moving to Daegu last year, saying, “I think soccer is to build up and go up when you own the ball and attack.”

Daegu’s soccer is defended with defense, but counterattack soccer using Brazilian striker Cesinha is the main weapon. To do this, you must not only defend well, but also go deep into the opponent’s camp from defense during counterattacks.

Hong Cheol, who played for Ulsan Hyundai, moved to Daegu in 2022. Although overlapping is his specialty, his first season in Daegu was not easy. In particular, it was different from Ulsan, which released an attack with a build-up. Daegu’s counterattack strategy was the first experience for Hongcheol.

Hong Cheol said, “I came to Daegu and experienced soccer that runs 70m and then comes back down.” He added, “I hated this kind of football the most.”

But he changed his mind. He explained that, as he continued to experience in Daegu, foreign players are all fast and counterattack, so it can be a good football.

Last season was more difficult due to poor winter training and overlapping injuries at the beginning of the season, but this year I gained confidence as I prepared for counterattack soccer step by step with my teammates. 온라인카지노

Hongcheol said, “After experiencing counterattack soccer, there seems to be no answer,” and “It’s good soccer.” He emphasized, “It was a big mistake to think that it didn’t suit me because I hadn’t played this kind of soccer,” and “I think this soccer that has been in my second year is right for me.”

With the addition of Edgar, who returned from injury this year, Hong-cheol’s expectations have grown. He expected that Daegu’s counter-attacking soccer would show its true value if Edgar did a good header in front of the goal.

Hongcheol smiled and said, “I will push the cross to Edgar this year.” Then, he promised to complete Daegu’s counter-attacking football with his specialty, overlapping, saying, “Otherwise, I will pass under Sejingya’s feet.”

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