“I have regrets…but I’m doing well as a Korean soccer legend” Silence from the national striker, encouragement from Ikberge

FC Seoul, coached by Ahn Ik-soo, earned a 1-0 victory over Gangwon FC in the 15th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 on Monday at Seoul World Cup Stadium thanks to a 27th-minute goal from Willian.

With the three points, Seoul moved into second place with 27 points (8 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses), tied on points with Jeju United but ahead on goal difference.

Head coach Ahn Ik-soo said after the game, “Many fans came out in bad weather. I am very grateful. My hope with the players is that the fans will enjoy watching Seoul’s soccer. We still have some things to work on, but I think it’s encouraging that we’re getting results.”

Ahn Ik-soo was sent off against Ulsan Hyundai on the 14th and was benched against Jeju United on the 20th. Upon his return, he received a yellow card on the same day.

Ahn said, “I have a desire to be closer to the 메이저사이트 players, but I was immature. I think that’s why I crossed the line. I admit it. I will try to improve little by little.”

National striker Hwang Eui-jo was also silent on the day. Hwang hasn’t scored since April 22 against Suwon Samsung. He currently has two goals in the league.

Ahn said, “Unlike the younger Uijo, he’s matured and has a sense of responsibility. He also has a team spirit. He’s doing a good job as a Korean soccer legend. He is trying to show his maturity, but the results are not coming out well. There is definitely something to be regretted.”

On Willian, who has scored goals in two consecutive games, he added: “Players who always prepare for good situations drive the team’s competitiveness and give the team a culture. When we have another competitor to focus on and stay focused, it motivates us to improve. He’s playing a big role right now.”

The team is now 10 points behind Ulsan. The gap is still quite large, but it’s not out of reach.

“It’s important to compete with Ulsan, but it’s also important to create a process where we can continue to develop through our mature culture,” Ahn said. We need someone to create a good culture now. I think we can play better soccer if we stick to the process through that person. I will do my best to create a good culture and give the fans good results.”