“I hope you don’t give up even if it’s hard for the 2nd group” Choi Jae-hoon and Lee Tae-yang, who presented Seosan with a coffee truck

Hanwha Eagles mid-level players showed a big heart for their juniors.

In fact, this is not the first time that Hanwha players have offered a coffee truck gift to the 2nd team. Catcher Choi Jae-hoon also sent a coffee truck to the Futures ahead of the Seosan Sangmu match on the 9th to commemorate his 1,000th career appearance. Choi Jae-hoon energized his juniors with the message, “I am reassured that you are the future of the Hanwha Eagles.” Coincidentally, the Hanwha 2nd team repaid their seniors’ support by winning both games.

Choi Jae-hoon, whom we met in Changwon on the 25th, said, “Now our young players must be having a hard time. He revealed the reason for sending the coffee truck.

The hardships he experienced firsthand reminded him of his juniors. Choi Jae-hoon said, “There were many times when I was in the 2nd Army, thinking, ‘Isn’t this the way?’ or ‘I want to give up.’ It takes a lot of perseverance and effort to seize opportunities. I hope that if someone is injured or sluggish, I want them to keep working hard to fill the void.”

He continued, “In the 2nd team, there are many thoughts that I want to give up during difficult times. But later, those players must come to the 1st team and play. Those players are our future. I hope he grows up to lead the Hanwha Eagles.”

He said that a word of encouragement from his seniors at the time when he was struggling in the 2nd Army was a great strength. He said, “I gain strength when seniors understand their hardships. Just a word, a tool, and a drink when they are having a hard time can give them strength. Young players will understand that feeling when they reach our age. I want them to be kind to us later when we grow up and reach our age.”

Lee Tae-yang also said, “I have been in the 2nd Army for a long time, and I went back and forth from the 1st to the 2nd. Now is the time when it is hot and exhausting. The 1st is also hard, but the 2nd is really difficult at this time of year. If you stay in the 2nd for a long time, you may not be motivated. Yes. I watched the club’s TV a while ago and there were many players I didn’t know in the 2nd team.

He continued, “I thought it was time to look around and take care of my juniors. I learned a lot while watching (Chu) Shin-soo and (Kim) Kwang-hyeon at SSG. That’s it. When I was young, I also felt grateful when seniors bought me a snack or a coffee.메이저사이트

Lastly, Lee Tae-yang said, “I was grateful that my juniors said that they would drink well, so I was grateful.” “If you persevere well and run steadily, a good opportunity will come.

Not only Hanwha, but most of the 2nd team players play at 11:00 am or 1:00 in the afternoon, so they play hard in the hottest weather. However, when the 2nd group grows, the 1st group becomes stronger. If the 1st team players take good care of the 2nd team, which is their past and the future of the team, the young players will be able to gain more strength.

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