“I want to not disappoint my colleagues”… Kim Ha-seong’s promise, showed by ‘performance’, not words

“I don’t want to disappoint my colleagues.”

Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres has established himself as one of the league’s best defenders this season. He’s not just good at defense. He also excelled in attack. He has been reborn as the San Diego leadoff and leads the offense, showing off his one-hit slugging power.

It was the same in the 2023 major league Philadelphia Phillies away game held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on the 17th (Korean time). Kim Ha-seong was named in the starting lineup as the first batter and second baseman, and scored 2 hits, 1 home run, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 5 at-bats. He hit his 13th gun of the season, and also continued his 13-game on-base streak.

Ha-seong Kim hit a leadoff home run and raised his momentum. Kim Ha-seong, who took his first at-bat as the lead batter in the first inning, lifted Jack Wheeler’s low 86.1 mile sweeper and passed it over the left fence. It was not easy to capture him, but Ha-seong Kim caught the bat.

He also hit a long hit in the eighth inning. With no runners on the first runner, Ha-seong Kim countered the 98.3 mph slider from Gregory Soto, the new pitcher. The ball hit the top of the left fence and fell. He hit a big hit, but it wasn’t enough to lead to a home run.

Kim Ha-seong played a big role in this game as well. According to the baseball statistics site ‘Baseball Reference’, Kim Ha-seong recorded a WAR of 4.2. He was ranked fifth among all major league players. 1st place is LAA Angels Shohei Ohtani (6.4). Defensive WAR ranked first with 2.1.

When Ha-seong Kim played an active role in San Diego, the Major League Secretariat promoted hosting the 2024 Opening Series in Korea with the KBO. For two days from March 20 to 21, 2024, San Diego and LA Dodgers will face off at Gocheok Sky Dome.

According to MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, Ha-seong Kim is also expecting a lot from the Seoul Series. He was delighted, saying, “This is the first major league game held in Korea. I am so happy. Korean baseball fans are also very passionate. They know how to watch baseball. They are very serious and love the sport called baseball.”메이저사이트

Ha-seong Kim is proud of being a Major League player. “I’m proud to be playing baseball in the major leagues every day. It’s such a blessing. I feel lucky that San Diego gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues. I have great teammates. I try not to disappoint them.” He gave a humble answer.

As in the interview, Kim Ha-seong is showing his presence on the ground every day. He’s not far behind San Diego’s star players. He is proving his words “I will not disappoint” with his performance.

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