If it’s a mystery, it’s a mystery, why is LG only slow to Song Eun-beom?

The LG Twins are a team with strong publicity.

It is a team with know-how that knows how to deliver news faster and more accurately than any other team. 스포츠토토

He is determined and has great intelligence. This is why it is difficult to scoop up LG stories. Accurate and fast delivery of internal information makes it difficult to beat the speed.

However, when I look at my recent actions, I get a strange feeling. The handling of work for Song Eun-beom is strangely sluggish and slow. The information is a step behind, and the response is also a tortoise step. ‘why?’ It makes me question.

The first thing I noticed was after the press release about the salary agreement came out.

LG announced that it had signed contracts with 44 out of 45 contract renewal candidates, excluding Song Eun-beom.

And immediately contacted Song Eun-beom and started renegotiation.

Up until this point, it could be said that it was an LG-like action.

The problem was after that.

LG announced to Song Eun-beom that they negotiated on the 3rd and would deliver the progress made on the 4th or 5th.

But no contact was made for over two days. It was said that it was only necessary to pay the upper line, but it took a considerable amount of time.

Only the carefree Song Eun-beom was looking at the phone anxiously.

It is the same that the movement is slow even after the contract.

It was around 10 pm on the 10th, Korean time, that Eun-beom Song and LG concluded the negotiations. Negotiations were concluded at dawn Arizona time, the location of the spring camp.

We had enough time to distribute the press release in time for the morning in Korea. However, the press release of Song Eun-beom’s contract has not been delivered until the afternoon of the 11th, Korean time.

There is no need to rush through contract press releases. It is because getting stamped is important and notifying is not important.

However, it is the LG club that has always focused on quickly informing the public if a Song Eun-beom-level player took a stamp. But this time, even if my hands and feet are slow, it’s too slow.

You can use the weekend as an excuse, but since they all run watchers on weekends, there’s no reason they can’t run a press release.

I can’t help but wonder why the contract news of Song Eun-beom is not accurately announced.

Where did the LG team, which was faster and more accurate than anyone else, go? Why is it so sluggish about the Song Eun-beom issue?

It’s not a big deal, but I can’t help but tilt my head.

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