“If you do that much…” The first half of the presidential challenge plan ‘Chuck’, completed! Goals presented by Yeomgalyang for the second half 

“Every month (win-loss margin) +5 is enough.”

This is the goal of the LG Twins in the second half suggested by coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop.

As of the 1st, LG leads the season with a record of 46 wins, 1 draw and 27 losses, a win rate of 0.630, and a win-loss margin of +19. The ride finally took place against SSG Landers, the only team with a 60% odds ratio (0.611) and a fierce battle for a spot throughout the first half. The 3rd place group, NC Dinos (36 wins, 1 draw, 33 losses, 3rd place) and Lotte Giants (36 wins, 34 losses, 4th place) have more than 8 games. Manager Yeom said, “Even though I suffered two losses in a row, the reason why I was able to finish June well was that I won five games in a row with good content at the last minute.”

The background that LG was able to create this flow was because there was a figure that did not shake every month. Although it was sluggish in the beginning of April, it soon started to rise and succeeded in winning more than 50% with a monthly record of 15 wins and 11 losses. With momentum, LG rose to the top of the monthly odds ratio with a formidable move of 16 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses for the month of May, with a win rate of 0.727. Last month, the trend continued with 15 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses (0.625 win rate). After starting with a win/loss margin of +4 in April, he has been steadily maintaining the pace of May (+10) and 6 will (+6).메이저사이트

There are no gaps throughout the air defense. As of the 1st, LG’s team batting average was 2.805, ranking first overall, and the team’s average ERA of 3.56, second only to Kiwoom Heroes (3.52). If you think about the early stages of the season, which had quite a few bad news, such as Jung Woo-young’s injury in the beginning, setup man Jung Woo-young’s hunting, and captain Kim Hyun-soo’s sluggishness, it can be said that it was the result of ‘team strength’. Now, Go Woo-seok has returned, and Jung Woo-young and Kim Hyun-soo are looking for a pace, and the gap itself has disappeared. This is why there is a prospect that the current LG will continue its presidency in the second half without wavering.

How is coach Yeom, who is preparing for the second half, setting his goals? Director Yeom said, “Every month (win-loss margin) +5 is enough. If we do that much for the remaining months, I think we can achieve our goal.” He emphasized, “I will have to adjust in July (with a small number of games), but the goal for each month other than that is +5.”

LG started with 1 win and 1 loss in the first 2 games of July against KIA. Depending on what results LG achieves in the remaining 10 games until the All-Star break, it seems that the achievement of the goal set by Yeom in the 9 games in the second half will be different.

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