I’m confused… Neymar discord rumor “You fight with your girlfriend too? It’s similar”

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) star star Neymar explained the rumors of discord in the locker room. However, comparing this to an argument with his girlfriend, it might be difficult to sympathize with him if he is a ‘mo-sol (mother-born solo)’.

The British media’The Sun’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that ‘Neymar acknowledged PSG’s locker room dissonance. He compared it to arguing with his girlfriend,’ the report said.

PSG kneeled 1-3 against AS Monaco on the 12th. According to The Sun, PSG general manager Luis Campos invaded the locker room after the loss.

PSG has recorded only 4 losses in all competitions this season. In League 1, it is the sole leader with 54 points from 23 matches, 17 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. They are ahead of second place Olympique de Marseille by five points.

It is very unusual for a general manager to run straight to the players who lost the game like this. An argument was bound to happen.

However, if you look at the recent atmosphere, you can understand the irrationality of Campos.

First of all, 2 losses in a row. On the 9th, in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France (French FA Cup), it was defeated by Marseille 1-2 and was eliminated. The subdued atmosphere continued until the match against AS Monaco. PSG will clash with Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of the Champions League right at dawn on the 15th. A reversal was needed.

The Sun acknowledged reports that ‘Neymar got into some heated altercations with Campos and teammate Marquinhos. Campos accused the players of a lack of aggression.”

Neymar explained: “It’s true. We had discussions because we didn’t agree on that. I talk to my friends every day. I love everyone. It’s just like what happens with girlfriends.”

It is said that you can quarrel over a difference of opinion for a while, but it does not harm the relationship fatally.

Neymar said: “We all talk about football. Football is communication. Sometimes we disagree. That’s why we discuss to improve the atmosphere and play. We lost some games. We always win I am frustrated because I want to.” 바카라

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