‘I’m going to get claustrophobic’… Mourinho hates players who tear stockings

Abusive coach Mourinho expressed his discomfort with soccer players tearing their stockings before playing. 토토사이트

On the 7th (local time), coach Mourinho posted a picture of the players entering the game with their stockings ripped through his SNS. He also argued that ‘it should be accepted that for a beautiful game there must be beautiful socks’.

In recent soccer matches, it is common for players to tear their stockings before playing. Bellingham, a rookie from England and Dortmund, is one of the representative players who rip their stockings to play. Brazil’s Neymar was also spotted wearing torn stockings at the World Cup in Qatar.

It is known that the reason why players tear their stockings to play is to reduce the pressure on the calf muscles as well as the psychological effect.

In the Spanish Primera Liga, Garay, who played in Valencia from 2016 to 2020, was ordered to play in new stockings by the referee when he played in torn stockings. The rules of the English Football Association (FA), the origin of soccer, do not say that only stockings without holes must be worn. Mourinho, who is outspoken about his thoughts, is paying attention to what effect Mourinho’s reprimand will have while criticizing the behavior of players tearing his stockings.

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