Is it possible to reach the peak with the recruitment of LAL and DET aces brought by Hachimura?

The Lakers are looking to sign Bogdanovic.

On the 24th (hereinafter Korean time), reporter Jovan Buha, dedicated to the LA Lakers of ‘The Athletic’, reported on the movement of the Lakers’ transfer market.

The Lakers, who were at the bottom of the Western Conference at the beginning of the season, are showing a change recently. Despite the injury of Anthony Davis, the Lakers managed to rebound in performance, overturning their 25-point inferiority against Portland on the 23rd and winning a thrilling come-from-behind victory. 안전놀이터

The current ranking is 12th in the Western Conference, but the gap between the rankings is narrow, so the Lakers can look forward to a mid-level jump. The Lakers front is also busy moving and looking for power reinforcement.

On the 24th, the Lakers made a trade to recruit Rui Hachimura from Washington and succeeded in reinforcing their weak position, the swingman. Another swingman here is strongly connected to the Lakers.

The Lakers’ next target is Detroit ace Boyan Bogdanovic. Bogdanovic, who moved to Detroit ahead of this season, is having the best season of his career, averaging 21.5 points, 49.1% field goal percentage, and 42.3% 3-point success rate. Detroit’s performance is sluggish, but Bogdanovic’s performance is highly evaluated.

If the Lakers succeed in Bogdanovic, it is expected that they will be able to see a big effect in the offense. Currently, the Lakers rank 30th in the number of successful 3-pointers per game (10.4) and 26th in the success rate (33.7%), making them the most poorly supported team in the league. Shooter reinforcement is a factor that has been mentioned over and over again.

If Bogdanovic, a proven top-ranked shooter in the league, joins the team, you can greatly reduce your worries about the 3-point shot. The offensive burden of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is also reduced.

“We’ve acquired Rui Hachimura, but we can’t rule out the Lakers making another trade before the trade deadline. Detroit’s Boyan Bogdanovic is the name most associated with the Lakers,” said a subordinate reporter.

A key point in the negotiations between the Lakers and Detroit is expected to be a protection clause for draft picks. The Lakers want a first-round pick with a lottery protection in place, and Detroit wants a no-protection.

A subordinate reporter said: “Detroit wants a first-round pick with no protection if they sell Bogdanovic. The Lakers’ preference is for a pick with a lottery protection, but things may change at the trade deadline.” said.

Bogdanovic is in the state of being interested in many teams besides the Lakers. As much as he’s been playing well, his progress will be noteworthy leading up to his trade deadline.

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