it’s crazy? Giving 72.5 billion to Tottenham?… Massive opposition from South Africans

South Africans are outraged by the government’s move to sign a sponsorship deal with Tottenham.

The US’CNN’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “The South African Tourism Authority announced in a statement that it had conditionally approved a plan to sponsor English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur amidst the energy crisis.” Although the exact amount of sponsorship has not yet been revealed, it is said that the South African Tourism Board will support Tottenham with about 58 million dollars (about 72.5 billion won). 바카라

But the public backlash is very strong. South Africa is currently going through a very difficult time nationally. In the first quarter of 2022, South Africa’s unemployment rate reached 34.5%. A national survey has even revealed that the number of people who are not looking for a job is close to 45.5%.

In the midst of this, when the news of supporting Tottenham comes out, the people have no choice but to rebel. According to the British ‘BBC’ reported on the 3rd, “The proposed deal for Tottenham, 5th in the EPL, is being criticized in many parts of South Africa, which are currently experiencing economic difficulties. And I think it can be better used for a country struggling with severe unemployment.”

South Africa’s largest trade union federation, the South African Confederation of Trade Unions (Cosatu), even issued a statement condemning the proposed deal as an insult to struggling workers and taxpayers. “This is a false vanity project that does nothing to fix a sick tourism industry that has not only suffered from COVID-19 but is also hampered by electricity outages and high crime levels,” they lashed out at Tourism South Africa.

Regarding this, Thiemba Kumalu, interim CEO of the South African Tourism Authority, said, “The money invested in tourism is different from the money needed to fix energy problems or road breakdowns. These investments are solid businesses that directly affect foreign investment in the country.” retorted.

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