Japanese media, “Korea has no exemption from military service, but the reason why they risk their lives at the WBC…”

The Japanese media analyzed the reason why the Korean baseball team is doing its best in the WBC this March.

On the 11th, the Japanese baseball media ‘Full Count’ published an article saying, “The reason why Korea fights in the WBC by changing its eyes is because of the ‘carrot operation’, which is big even without military service exemption.”

The above media said, “Korea played many great matches against Japan in the WBC, and this WBC is also in Group B, the same as Japan. There is no exemption, but sufficient motivation is prepared.”

South Korea entered the semifinals at the 2006 WBC Invitational Tournament, and public opinion supported Seung-hwan Oh, Tae-gyun Kim, Jin-young Lee, Joong-geun Bong, and Hee-seop Choi, who were exempted from military service. Currently, however, WBCs are not subject to military service exemption. Currently, it is limited to Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals, and Asian Games gold medals.

Instead, what is given to the national team players is the FA registration days compensation. Participating in national teams such as the WBC, Olympics, Premier 12, Asian Games, and APBC to receive compensation for the number of days registered for the first team. In September 2017, the KBO changed the FA registration days, which were given as many days as the national team participated, to a ‘point system’. In addition to the basic points for participation, additional points are compensated according to the performance of the tournament.

The WBC receives 10 points for participating in the national team, and 10 points for advancing to the quarterfinals, 10 points for advancing to the semifinals, 10 points for runner-up, and 20 points for winning, depending on the final results. If you win the WBC, you can receive a total of 60 points and shorten the number of free agency days for 60 days. In the Asian Games, there is no tournament that is as helpful to the FA as the WBC for the time being, as the rewards for participating (10 points) and winning (15 points) are small.

The above media said, “The player who can benefit greatly from the FA compensation system in this WBC is Lee Jung-hoo, who declared a major league challenge next year. Yes. If you go abroad after declaring FA, players can sign better contracts because there is no need for compensation for the original team.”

Next, he introduced the ‘carrot’ given to the players, saying, 메이저놀이터 “If you win the WBC, the KBO will award a reward of 1 billion won to the national team, separate from the official prize money of the tournament. Lastly, he said, “Korea has only been eliminated in the first round in the last two WBCs, but I am curious about what results will be left in this tournament.”

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