Japan’s J-League is considering disclosing on-site VAR communication details during games. Is this possible in Korea as well?

Japan’s J-League is considering disclosing the content of conversations between referees inside the stadium when VAR is in operation. 

Japanese media <Dos for Web> announced on the 26th that officials of the Japan Football Association referee committee were considering how to operate VAR through a briefing for local media. It is known that the Japan Football Association regularly holds referee decision briefings for the media, and at these meetings, conversations between referees are disclosed to the media when VAR is activated during a game. This is to improve the quality of judgment and increase external reliability.

However, no conversation between referees was revealed on the stadium electronic display or broadcast video during the game. Accordingly, it is known that the J-League is considering whether to take a step further. In this briefing, the case of the Rugby World Cup currently being held in France appears to have been mentioned. Attention is being paid to the fact that external trust in judgments has greatly improved through the so-called TMO (Television Media Official) system. 

A referee from the Japan Football Association who attended this briefing explained the current situation, saying, “The conversation between referees is made public in the media briefing, and the rest is made public through each club’s camp, etc.” and then added, “We are worried about how far we will open it.” “I’m doing it,” he said. 짱구카지노 도메인

At the time of the 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup, FIFA piloted a system in which the referee directly explained the decision in person after the VAR decision. There is a growing awareness that it is important to understand in real time why the referee made the decision he or she made. Attention is being paid to whether the K-League will follow this trend.

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