Jaspers after all. Haengjik Kim ‘unfair runner-up’ – Wonju World 3 Cushion

Even though Kim Haeng-jik reached the winner’s final, he stayed in the runner-up. In the finals, he lost to Jaspers, who came up through the match-up.

Kim Haeng-jik failed to keep 1 set, 1 inning and 6 consecutive hits in the finals of the ‘2023 Wonju World 3-Cushion Grand Prix’ held on the 1st, and ended up losing 0-3 and missing the championship cup. Jaspers , who

was defeated in the round of 16 and pushed back to the loser ‘s respawn, won the championship for the second consecutive time. Kim Haeng-jik took the lead and shot 6 consecutive hits in 1 set and 1 inning. He had a pretty good chance of success if he started first, third, and fifth sets, and the first start was 6 consecutive starts. However, they could only score 2 runs until the 7th inning, and lost 8:9 to Jaspers who followed step by step. The second set wasn’t too bad. It seemed that Jaspers was lucky because he made a ‘huge’ mistake of missing the first pitch. . They took the lead and led by 7:5. However, when Jaspers faltered, he couldn’t run away much, and he collapsed with 7:12 in 6 innings and 7 consecutive hits by Jaspers, who improved his shot feeling. In the third set, I once had hope. In the last attack at 6:12, they continued to solve the game and followed closely with 4 consecutive hits, but the reverse of the conversion was missing and they lost at 10:12. Jaspers won 135 million won in prize money, Kim Haeng-jik won 60 million won in runner-up prize money, Zanetti won 30 million won in 3rd place prize money, and Heo Jeong-han received 25 million won in 4th place prize money. 메이저사이트

Haengjik Kim defeated Piedrabuena, Destamir, and Zanetti in turn to advance to the winner’s final. If it had been the previous tournament without a respawn match, it would have been a win. However , there was a revival of losers in this tournament . The beneficiary of the loser’s revival is the world’s No. 1 Jaspers. In the round of 16, it was defeated and eliminated by Polychronopoulos 0:2. However, thanks to the losers’ revival match, they reached the finals by beating Resurrection, Cha Myung-jong, Choi Seong-won, Eddy Mux, Bromdal, Heo Jeong-han, and Zanetti.

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