Jeju, which gave up overseas training after fighting body fat, is finally in a ‘actual battle preparation mode’

“Look at this.”

Kim Hak-beom, the head coach of Jeju United, handed a mysterious document to the reporter when he met at the club house in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 9th of last month. The document that Kim took out, calling it a first-class secret, contained the players’ body weight and body fat records.

About half of the players couldn’t avoid marking Kim in a circle. The sign was that both their body weight and body fat were “excessive.” In fact, some players had over 20 percent of their body fat. They say they had an off-season break for about a month, but the figure was hard to understand from Kim’s point of view.

Kim cancelled his overseas training and decided to stay at the clubhouse due to the physical condition of the team. He judged that he was not fit enough to carry out overseas training too much.

“When I watched last year’s Jeju game, it seemed that after 70 minutes, there were many cases where the team lost a point, but I understood the reason,” Kim said. “If we go overseas like this, there is a high risk of injury. We don’t even know each other well yet. I thought it would be too much to play outside. I decided it would be better to play in Korea calmly.”

Kim’s decision prompted Jeju to focus on training only at the clubhouse for about a month. Basic physical strength, cycling, weight training, and circuits were divided into morning and afternoon. Players could naturally say, “Tired.”

Coach Kim stressed that he should build physical strength to play full time, not just to lose weight and body fat. Considering the recent trend of extra time, he said, “We need to create physical strength to play 100 minutes.”

The results have been successful. Most of the players are within the index suggested by Kim. A Jeju official said, “Most of the players are now managing body fat in the early 10 percent range. Some players have lost more than 10 percent of their body fat. I think the coach’s judgment was right. The players’ bodies have definitely improved.”

After a long battle with body fat, Jeju has been staying in Gyeongju since the 6th and focusing on actual training. In January, if the team focused only on individual training without practice matches, it switched to the “real game mode” in Gyeongju. It has already played practice matches with the university team, and will continue to play with the two K League 2 teams until the 20th. 꽁머니지급

“I will join all my efforts to run forward,” coach Kim said. “Please continue to pay attention to how it changes. I think it will be another interesting story. Even if I don’t emphasize this part, the players are moving on their own. The day will come when the sweat we shed will be rewarded.”

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