‘Joseon’s Shooter’ Coach Seong-Min Cho “Yang Hee-Jong is the best defender of all time”, 2 key reasons

Anyang KGC franchise star and legend Heejong Yang (39) announced his retirement at the end of this season. 온라인카지노

Numerous pundits praised his outstanding defense. Hyundai Mobis head coach Yoo Jae-hak said, “He is a player who knows how to play defense.”

Former DB coach Lee Sang-beom, who was with Yang Hee-jong in his early days as a professional, said, “Yang Hee-jong is a player who can lead the flow with defense. He is a player whose invisible contribution to the team is enormous.” In addition, Kim Seung-gi, coach of Carrot, who led KGC, also said, “He has a good body, good power and height. He is a player whose weaknesses are not easily seen in defense.”

Yang Hee-jong, who graduated from Samil Commercial High School and Yonsei University, was nominated by KGC’s predecessor KT&G as the 3rd pick in the 1st round of the 2007 rookie draft, and is a ‘one club man’ who played only at KGC for 17 years.

He led Doan KGC to three championship championships in 17 years, and was highly regarded for his strong defense and locker room lead.

What is his defensive power, where will he be among all players of the past?

KGC head coach Cho Seong-min played countless times on the court with Yang Hee-jong in the pro league. He also worked with the national team and worked together as a head coach.

KGC is in Utsunomiya, Japan to attend the East Asian Super League (EASL). Manager Cho Seong-min, whom I met on the spot, praised Yang Hee-jong as the best defender ever, citing accurate and rich grounds.

In the early days of the old KBL, the proportion of professional defenders was not large. It was a time when the focus was on offense and the defense was not very important. When Hyundai Mobis coach Yoo Jae-hak caused a sensation in the regular league with his strong defense, defense continued to be emphasized, and the value of defenders gradually increased. At Yonsei University, Yang Hee-jong was a forward for both offense and defense. However, Yang Hui-jong stood out in the professional league with his exceptional defense.

Coach Seong-min Cho said, “The most outstanding defender I have experienced is Yang Yang. Coach Yang Dong-geun and Yang Hee-jong.” He said, “Coach Yang Dong-geun’s defense was very good, but Yang Hee-jong is a player with hardware and software at the same time.”

He said, “Yang Hee-jong had a different basic presence as a defender even when I was playing active duty. He was a player who could take on all positions from number 1 (point guard) to number 5 (center). .

Coach Cho said, “Although he slowed down a lot after his injury, Yang Hui-jong was quite fast in his early days as a pro. Besides, he was an all-weather defender with power and height.”

If the innate physical condition is ‘hardware’, the part that Coach Cho most admired was ‘software’. When asked, ‘Please pick one of Yang Hee-jong’s most outstanding defensive elements’, he thought for a while and said, “The will to defend.”

When asked more specifically, “Usually, if an attacker attacks 10 times, it is difficult for a defender to block them all. It was special. It was the best ever. He followed to the end and made the attacker suffer. It was like that 10 times out of 10.” “What I felt as a coach is that when I talk about a certain defensive strategy, I understand all the context. Besides, when a player with a weak defense among my teammates has a so-called ‘defensive hole’, he does his best to fill that weakness with his know-how and instinct. Yang Hee-jong is a defender. It’s the scariest part of the game, and it’s the key reason why he’s considered the best defender of all time.”

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