KBO WBC drinking wave “thoroughly investigated” 1,000… 3 sent down to second team with heads bowed, return delayed

On the 1st in Incheon and Changwon, three representative players from the last World Baseball Classic (WBC) bowed their heads at the same time. Kim Kwang-hyun (35, SSG), Lee Yong-chan (34, NC), and Jeong Chul-won (24, Dusan), who were found to have consumed alcohol during the tournament, admitted to the fact and officially apologized to fans and all parties involved.

In the WBC drinking scandal, which began when a media outlet raised suspicions and reported on it, Kim Kwang-hyun and Jeong Chul-won admitted to visiting a bar near their hotel on March 7, the day they traveled from Osaka to Tokyo, and on March 10, the day before their rest day after the Japan game. Lee Yong-chan said he only went on March 10. The players vehemently denied entering the establishment the day before the game, but even the public opinion that took this into account was cold.

At the time, the WBC team’s hopes of advancing to the second round were dwindling after a shocking loss to Australia in their first game, followed by a crushing defeat against group favorites Japan. At this point, the general consensus is that it was inappropriate for the players to drink outside of the hotel. While it’s acknowledged that it’s easy to drink to relieve stress, it’s also argued that it was a matter of where and when.

In any case, all three players admitted their behavior and apologized. They were sent down to the second team. Kim Kwang-hyun was sent to the second team after meeting with SSG head coach Kim Won-hyung before meeting with the press on the first day. Lee Yong-chan and Jeong Chul-won were still on the first team roster when they apologized on the first day, but were removed from the first team roster on the second day after discussions within the team.

Since they were removed from the first team, they will not be able to return to the first team for at least 10 days. It will be a period of self-restraint.토토사이트 However, the timing of his return is still up in the air. No one knows when he will be able to return. It has to do with the level of discipline, but also with the KBO’s determined and cautious attitude.

The minimum condition for the three players to return to the first team is a disciplinary hearing. Article 13 of the national team’s operating regulations states that a disciplinary committee shall be held for those who have caused social harm. If a player’s behavior is deemed inappropriate, they will be referred to a disciplinary committee, which will have the final say. In the baseball world, the KBO’s disciplinary committee is an expected reality.

The general consensus is that it’s difficult to make the first team before the disciplinary committee is over. This is because even if you make it to the first team and play, if the disciplinary committee comes to the same conclusion, you will have to leave the first team again. There is also a view that it is not advisable to return to the first team as a sign of restraint. You also have to think about public opinion. The general consensus is that it’s better to stay in the second team, reflect, digest any punishment, and then return to the first team.

The catch is that they don’t know when the disciplinary committee will meet. “The date of the disciplinary committee has not yet been decided,” said a KBO official, emphasizing that the investigation must be thorough. The KBO has received statements from the three players. Based on these statements, they are trying to determine the facts. Once the exact circumstances are known, the disciplinary committee will be able to determine the appropriate punishment.

It’s unlikely, but if there’s a lie, it could lead to further reports, revelations, and coverage. The KBO’s reputation could literally fall to the ground, and the player’s career could be ruined. As a result, the KBO is reportedly taking everything with a grain of salt.

Ultimately, how long it takes for the KBO to complete its investigation and convene a disciplinary committee will determine how long the three players will be out of action. The KBO has been vocal about its desire for a thorough investigation rather than a quick conclusion, so the odds are in favor of more time.