“Keria” Min-seok Ryu pays tribute to “Faker” “My goal is to win Worlds, I want to enjoy the process”

Min-seok Ryu of “Keria” revealed his goals for this season.

On the 20th, at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the regular season of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, kt Rolster vs. T1, took place.

T1, who had to give up the first set on this day, showed off its strong performance in the second and third sets, defeating kt and achieving two victories in a row.

In an interview with the winning team after the game, Ryu Min-seok said, “I was nervous because I couldn’t imagine what kind of synergy the kt members would have and how the game would play, but I’m glad we won.”

Regarding the loss in the first set, Ryu Min-seok said, “kt had a confident composition in the first set,” adding, “After that, the manager and coach immediately changed the composition, so I was able to play comfortably in the second and third sets.”

When asked what part he paid attention to in this match, Ryu Min-seok said, “I played the first set, and the opponent played the game using Jerry and Lulu well, so I thought it was not good to use that composition. So in the second and third sets, I removed that composition and I played a game,” he replied.

When asked what he regretted, he said, “I should have thought well in the first set and played the game.

Ryu Min-seok, who appointed an Ashe supporter in the third set, said, “Durability has been patched, and the items with tank support have been nerfed severely. You can stack them up and play the game well,” he explained.

He said, “These days, the long-distance support seems to be coming out because the one-dealers and the tank support don’t match,” he said. Bonnie, the current meta has become like this.”

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok achieved the most assists in LCK history through this match. Regarding this, Ryu Min-seok expressed his respect for Lee Sang-hyeok, saying, “I feel very great. The fact that such a player is playing on the same team motivates me. I will work even harder.”

He also expressed his affection for ‘Deft’ Kim Hyuk-gyu, saying, “Because I’ve been close to him, whether it’s on the same team or not, I’ve been influenced by him a lot since long ago. I’m also watching all of his interviews.” 바카라

Min-seok Ryu, who picked the Kwangdong Freecs as the team he is most looking forward to, said, “When practicing, I thought, ‘This team is better than I thought’ and ‘I think we will do well this season.’

He continued, “I was curious that the coach of ‘Cmack’ came back after a long time and knows the current meta well. Looking at Guangdong, it was like watching the old team Griffin. I think I feel that way because of the director of ‘Cmack’.”

When asked about his goal for this season, Ryu Min-seok said, “Until last year, my only goal was to win Worlds.” .

He said, “My goal is still to win Worlds, but this time I’m enjoying the process and wanting to play more. added.

Finally, Ryu Min-seok concluded the interview by promising, “The next match is against Guangdong, and I personally think it is an uneasy match, so I will do my best to prepare.”

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