Kim Hwi-jip, Lee Ju-hyung, a rising star in the “post-Lee Jung-hoo era,” proves his presence with a generous annual salary contract

Kiwoom Heroes in the era of “Post Lee Jung-hoo.” It motivated team field hopefuls with generous annual salary increases.

Kiwoom completed the team’s annual salary contract for 2024 on Tuesday. The team captain and league’s leading infielder Kim Hye-sung has been paid the highest annual salary (650 million won) for a player in his eighth year in the KBO league.

Infielders Kim Hwi-jip (22) and Lee Ju-hyung (23) received as much attention as Kim Hye-sung. Kim Hwi-jip signed for 110 million won, up 48.6 percent from 74 million won, and Lee Ju-hyung for 66 million won, up 100 percent from 33 million won.

Kim played in 110 games in the 2023 season, the third year since his debut. He pitched 578 innings as a shortstop and 295 1/3 innings as a third baseman.

He posted a batting average of 0.249, up 27 percent from 0.222 in the 2022 season. He had eight homers, the same number of homers. His slugging percentage and on-base percentage also edged up. He pitched the most innings in a single season, while he posted 18 errors in two lines from 16 last year.

Kiwoom mentioned Kim Hui-jip’s record of the most home runs in the team as the background of his entry into the “billion-dollar annual salary.” If it were a different team, it would be difficult to rank No. 1 in the team with eight home runs.

It seems to be a kind of encouragement. Kim Hui-jip is a player who has shown growth that has not been shown in records. Lee Jung-hoo, who was the main batter of the team last year, left due to an injury and took the fourth and fifth batter to prevent the batting line from deteriorating. He stood at the center of attack while taking on positions that put heavy burden on defense. After the 2023 season, he joined the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) national team and hit a home run in a preliminary match against Japan to prevent Korea from losing the title.

The same applies to Lee Ju-hyung. A former promising player for the LG Twins, Lee displayed his potential by playing defensive position (midfielder) and batting order (No. 3) of Lee Jung-hoo, who had to leave the team after exchanging uniforms with Choi Won-tae, the team’s third starting pitcher. He recorded the batting average of 0.326 in 69 games he played, displaying outstanding contact capability. He proved his slugging ability, which can be expected to garner more than 15 hits when he hits six home runs at 243 times at bat and plays full time. Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki already sees Lee Ju-hyung as the successor to Lee Jung-hoo.

Having played only 14 games in the first division when he was a member of LG, he has earned the lowest annual salary. He has displayed growth potential in 69 games he played for Kiwoom, and will play the 2024 season with a 100 percent increase in annual salary. 마카오카지노주소

Kiwoom plans to challenge to advance to the Major League after Kim Hye-sung finishes the 2024 season. Young players are desperately needed to grow. Kim Hwi-jip was listed as one of the only four fielders with “billion-dollar annual salary,” while Lee Ju-hyung recorded the highest rate of increase in his team. Kiwoom has been stingy in investing such as recruitment from outside, but has thoroughly managed its internal management.

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