Kim Joo-young, who became the ‘Danyang Thais(?)’ “My brothers told me to only do things with confidence

Kim Joo-young, the unexpected protagonist who is filling the vacancy of Thais Dull host, revealed his affection for his older brothers.

KEPCO is entering the 2023 pre-season men’s professional volleyball tournament, which is being held in Danyang from the 17th to the 21st, without a single foreign player. This is because main gun Thais Dull Horst will not be able to join the team until early October due to the 2023 European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Men’s Championship and 2024 Paris Olympic qualifiers.

Of course, KEPCO is not the only team playing without foreign players in competitions held before the V-League. However, the reason why KEPCO attracts special attention is because the main character who filled Thais’ vacancy is the setter. Setter Kim Joo-young, born in 2004, is taking the place of Thais in this preseason competition, taking advantage of his experience as a wing striker until his high school days. They are active as the so-called ‘Danyang Thais.’

Kim Joo-young, who met with <The Spike> after the game against Hyundai Capital on the 19th, said, “It was difficult to play as a striker at first, but my older brothers told me to do it with confidence because I can make mistakes, so I think I can do it with ease little by little.” He expressed his feelings about being active as a member of ‘Thais’. When asked if he had a confident play and role model as a striker, he answered, “I am confident in my fast attack, and as a striker, Korean Air (Jeong) Ji-seok is my role model.”

I was also curious about Kim Joo-young’s most confident play and role model as a setter, his main position. Kim Joo-young said, “As a setter, the play I am most confident in is the back C pass. My role models are my team’s (Ha) Seung-woo and (Kim) Gwang-guk (laughter). He answered, “I want to learn the fast speed of a back C pass from Seung-woo, and from Gwang-guk, I want to learn the know-how to shoot a forward C pass without holding the second step.”

Ryohei Iga, Kim Joo-young’s roommate and who joined KEPCO in the Asia quarter this season, said, “Kim Joo-young is the player I became closest to after coming to Korea. He once told the story, “It’s like he’s a cute little cousin.” Kim Joo-young said, “Both (Ryo) Hei and I were stay-at-home moms, so we didn’t go out much. Then, the first time we went out together was when I asked him to go out to eat together. “After eating together, Hei asked me to go to Lotte World, so we went together,” he said, sharing a story about the fun off-season with Ryohei.메이저사이트

When asked about the difference between the professional and amateur stages, Kim Joo-young replied, “There are many players who are older and have long careers, so the overall atmosphere is a bit different.” When asked if he felt a generational difference with his seniors on the team, Kim Joo-young did not hesitate for 0.1 second and answered like a machine, “Ah.” “I don’t feel it,” he said, making people laugh. “His debut season was crazy,” he said. He continued to feel discouraged. He added, “I think this season is much better, including the team atmosphere.”

Kim Joo-young concluded the interview by saying, “During the off-season, the players prepared a lot to win the championship. “I hope our fans enjoy this season and support us hard,” he said, welcoming the fans to the new season. What stories will be filled with the second season of the Danyang Thais, who are doing their best regardless of their position during the off-season? KEPCO’s fans are ready to watch and support his growth.

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