Kim Yeon-kyung “Please help Turkiye”… Call for help for earthquake victims

‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung (35, Heungkuk Life Insurance) appealed for help in Turkey, where thousands of deaths occurred due to a strong earthquake.

On the 6th and 7th (Korean time) after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in Turkey, Kim Yeon-kyung posted a post on her personal Instagram story appealing for her help and support for Turkey.

She shared a post detailing how to send donations with the words “Help Turkey” and asking for prayers for Turkey and Syria, which were severely damaged by the earthquake.

Türkiye has a deep relationship with Kim Yeon-kyung.

Kim Yeon-kyung’s relationship with Turkey dates back to 2011.

Kim Yeon-kyung joined Fenerbahçe of the Turkiye Women’s Volleyball League in 2011 and she won 7 championships in 6 years.

Turkey is a country like a ‘second home’ where Kim Yeon-kyung has been in her relationship for about 12 years, including her 8-year career as an athlete.

Kim Yeon-kyung played for a year in China after the 2017 season, and played an active role in Turkiye Exzashi Bashi again for two seasons from 2018. Kim Yeon-kyung also helped Turkiye in 2021.

In August of that year, Türkiye suffered from a massive forest fire. At the time, it was known that the Turkish women’s volleyball team, which lost to Korea in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics, pledged to do good for the people who suffered forest fires, and a campaign to donate seedlings arose among domestic fans, and Kim Yeon-kyung also joined in. 메이저놀이터

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