Korean national team center fielder and Golden Glove shortstop, batting instructor starts anew from Samsung… “The most important thing”

Samsung Lions batting coach Lee Jin-young (44) expressed his feelings about starting a new team.

The Samsung squad left for Okinawa, Japan, where the spring camp will take place through Incheon International Airport on Thursday. The main league team will continue its training sessions through March 7 for a total of 38 days. “There should be trust between players and coaches. I have to trust my players, and vice versa. I think that only then will feedback work and produce good results,” coach Lee Jin-young said, stressing trust.

Coach Lee Jin-young has had an illustrious career since he was a player. He joined the Ssangbangwool Raiders in 1999 as the first player to play for the SK Wyverns (currently the SSG Landers), the LG Twins, and the KT Wiz. He recorded 169 home runs, 979 RBIs, 979 runs, and 112 stolen bases with a batting average of 0.305. He won the Golden Glove Award in 2004, the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the runner-up at the World Baseball Classic in 2009, earning him the nickname “people’s right fielder.”

He has also displayed his potential to succeed as a coach. Lee Jin-young, who took his first steps as a batting coach at SK, displayed extraordinary batting coaching ability. He also garnered great achievements. He improved his batting ability through customized coaching for each player. As a result, Park grew into a Golden Glove shortstop, and Jihoon Choi was able to emerge as a center fielder for the Korean national team.

Coach Lee Jin-young believes that Samsung also has many young and competent players. Daegu Samsung Lions Park, the home stadium, is a batter-friendly stadium, but he stressed that individual players should utilize their individual abilities apart from the characteristics of the stadium.

“It’s good to focus on the characteristics of the field, but you should focus on the players’ own abilities. You can hit a home run just because you want to hit it. You have to distinguish between a player who can hit long balls and a player who needs to get on base in front of you. Players also performed well last year, but they need to show more improvement. Pitchers can play the game comfortably only when batters do well. My duty is to help batters play that role,” he said. 꽁머니사이트

Striking coach Lee Jin-young emphasized the gradual change. “I have high expectations for all of the players. I am trying to set the direction so that my team can perform better. I don’t think the players will change overnight just because I am here. I will discuss more with the power analysis team and other coaches. I am trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the players. It is a task that we have to do during the spring camp and exhibition games,” he said.

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