Lee Han-beom, the new owner of ‘FC Seoul No. 4’, “It wasn’t difficult to choose the number…”

“(Kim) Namchun will try to do better than hyung, but I think the fans will like it if Namchun does as well as hyung did.”

This was the idea of ​​Lee Han-beom, the new owner of FC Seoul number 4.

FC Seoul held the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp at the HJ Convention Center in Gangdong-gu, Seoul at 10 am on the 22nd. Lee Han-beom, Im Sang-hyeop, Han Chan-hee, Kim Kyung-min, and Kim Jin-ya attended the player interview, and among them, Lee Han-beom had a conversation.

Lee Han-beom struggled with an injury last season. He played well in the first half of the season, but suffered a serious injury during the season and was ruled out for the season. Lee Han-beom, who was considered a promising player in his team as well as in the U-23 national team Hwang Seon-hong, was forced to end the season early due to injury.

Lee Han-bum said he was focused on lowering his risk of injury as he prepared for the season. Lee Han-beom’s goal this season is to play many games without injury and consistently perform well, aiming for the Young Player Award and participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Lee Han-bum said, “I’m working hard on strengthening exercises to go without injury this year, and I tried to prepare well physically. I’m in good shape right now. I was worried because I didn’t feel good about the game, but during the second field training, my senses improved a lot.” He said the current status.

Lee Han-beom continued, “My goal this season is to play in more than 30 games. And personally, I want to be nominated for the Young Player Award. Attack points are important, but I think there will be plenty of opportunities if you do well consistently. I think coach Hwang Seon-hong will also consider selection if I show him,” he said, revealing his goal for the season. 카지노

He also worked on personal development. In particular, Lee Han-beom tried to have a little more ‘fighter temperament’ compared to his last season. Lee Han-beom said, “I think I’m the type to defend myself smartly. Last year, I couldn’t show the temperament like a fighter, but I think my style has changed a bit because I became more aggressive through this winter training.”

Lee Han-beom wanted to test his developed self. Seoul’s opening game opponent is Incheon United. When I asked Lee Han-beom if there was a particular opponent he wanted to face off against, he mentioned the names of Jerso and Hernandez. This is Lee Han-beom, who achieved what he wanted even before the opening.

Lee Han-beom said, “I want to play against Jerso and Hernandez. It’s because I’ve never faced both players one-on-one. I’ve played against Jerso, but he didn’t come to my side, so I want to play against him. Jerso is a fast player, so one-on-one. I think it would be difficult if we had a low-speed confrontation, but we will use the aforementioned aggressiveness and try to defend by colliding with our bodies.”

I also asked about the center back partner he wants. Lee Han-beom worked with Osmar last season. This season, I have a chance to keep pace with other players like Kwon Wan-kyu and Kim Joo-sung. He asked what he wanted from his partner.

What Lee Han-beom considered important was ‘mental’. Needing a partner who can hold the mentality when the team is in a shaky situation. Also, Lee Han-beom showed confidence that it is okay to keep pace with anyone on the defensive line.

Lee Han-bum said, “I want you to talk a lot with me and actively play the game. Even if you do well in defense ten times, it is a difficult position where you will be criticized for not doing well once. I want to be with a partner who is strong and strong. There are many players to play with, but each player has a different style, so I tend to try to match my partner. There is no player who is difficult to run with, and they all seem to fit well.” .

He also brought up the topic of uniform numbers. Lee Han-beom chose number 4 ahead of this season. Number 4 in Seoul is the uniform number worn by the late Kim Nam-chun, and other players can wear it from the 2023 season. Lee Han-beom chose this number as it is a uniform number worn by many players in the center back position. I asked Lee Han-beom what he thought about running with the number worn by the late Kim Nam-chun until just before.

Lee Han-beom initially chose it because it was the number he wanted, but later confessed that he felt responsible for the number. Lee Han-bum said, “There was no difficulty in choosing the number for the first time. It was an atmosphere where no one chose number 4, and I wanted to play with number 4 in Seoul.” I will try to do better, but I think fans will like it if Namchun does as well as he did.”

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